RIP Fr. Jacques Hamel-



Pictures .. priest who Daash his throat inside a church in France

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activists traded on the social networking sites pictures of the Rev. Jacques Hamel , who belong to the armed Daash Tuesday Bnhrh in the church “Saint – Etienne de Rovraa” near the city of “Rowan” in northern France.
French police confirmed earlier in the day, the priest of the church kidnapped his throat slit, the newspaper “Le Point” and added that one of the worshipers also has been sacrificed.
The newspaper pointed out that the priest , who was knifed in the 86 – year – old church and named “Jacques Hame”, while the fate of the abductees , the French Interior has confirmed the killing of the perpetrators of the process, adding that “one of the hostages in critical condition.”
said French media that ” the killers of the French priest forced him after holding him to kneel on his knees before Ivbhah in a town north of France.”
the nun was among the hostages after its liberation , that criminals photographs of the murder video.
she said the nun: “I forced him to kneel on his knees .. tried to defend himself , and so the tragedy began.”
the two men Atzlhan knives broke into a church Phippldh “Saint – Etienne de Rovraa” near the city of”Rowan” in northern France and detained five people, including two nuns and a preacher, the Rev. slaughter strikers before the police Ptsfithma, and freed the remaining hostages.
The organization adopted Daash capture and slaughter of hostages.

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