Balutiqh..thoil popular crowd to an independent security device like the “anti-terrorism”


a wish

Since 26/07/2016 15:43 pm (Baghdad time)

Special – balances News

I got / balances News / Tuesday, a document stating converts Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Authority popular crowd to an independent security device like a device to combat terrorism.

The document said that “based on the provisions of Article 78 of the Constitution and based on the requirements of the public interest and for the purpose of re-organizing body the popular crowd determined to be the popular crowd military formations and independent part of the armed forces and connects General Commander of the Armed Forces.”


The document added that “this configuration works model comparable to the anti-terrorism device in terms of organization and association comprises the formation of the leadership of the General Staff of the forms and the combat brigades and the subject window to military laws and bringing them Broati and allowances and duties of the military and the rights of the same.”

He explained that “employees of the body is decrypted popular crowd who belong to the new composition of all political and party links are not allowed to practice their political work in its ranks to take charge of the relevant authorities carry out” .anthy 29/33 h commands link


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