US Apache helicopters destroyed a convoy for “Daash” near Mosul


2016-07-25 |MOSUL – Ahmed alJumaili

 مروحيات أباتشي أميركية تدمر رتلاً لـ"داعش" قرب الموصل
Security sources in Ninawa Operations Command announced the “international coalition” aircraft to destroy a number of subsidiaries of the “Islamic state” goals (Daash) near the town of Qayyarah, south of Mosul, in conjunction with the announcement of the “international coalition” to intensify its military operations and focus on the battle of Mosul to support Iraqi army forces and militias ” popular crowd ” in control of the city of Mosul , which remains fist organize “Daash.”

Was announced, the commander of Nineveh operations, Major General Najim al-Jubouri, in a press statement, that “the American helicopter gunships Apache was able to destroy a convoy of the organization Daash near Qayyarah.”

He explained that “an American Apache planes chased a convoy of organizing Daash fleet of thirteen Oekhalh vehicle in a village south of the city of Qayyarah,” stressing that “the aircraft was able to completely destroyed and killed more than 25 items of Daash.”

Furthermore, a spokesman for the “international coalition” in Iraq, Col. Christopher Garver, announced yesterday at a press conference at the US Embassy in Baghdad that “the international coalition aircraft carried seventy airstrike against Daash sites in Iraq over the past week alone.”

Carver added that “the number of soldiers in Iraq Alomirkan will arrive soon to 7 thousand soldiers after the arrival of 560 American soldiers,” while the most likely to be “the number of elements of al-Daash Mosul between 5 to 10 thousands of an item.”

It is noteworthy that the “international coalition” had welcomed boosted the Iraqi forces to regain control of Qayyarah air base near Mosul, saying that Qayyarah base will be an important focal point for his work in support of Iraqi forces in their efforts to regain control of the city of Mosul, which was expressed explicitly US Secretary of defense Jimmy Carter during his recent visit to the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

Furthermore, security sources confirmed the presence of dozens of soldiers and officers Alomirkan in Qayyarah air base near Mosul.

In this context, the Pentagon’s decision to increase the number of American soldiers raised in Iraq ahead of the upcoming battle of Mosul ire of political parties and militias in Iraq, where he threatened the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr to target US and British forces and considered legitimate targets for militia “Saraya peace” led by.The sources indicated that “US forces in the process of creating Qayyarah base to take an important center for the management of military operations waged by the Iraqi army to regain control of the city of Mosul.”

Battle of Mosul upcoming sparked numerous controversies and political positions between the government of the Kurdistan region of Iraq ‘s central government, which issued the positions of political and military Iraqi authorities, rejects the participation of troops ” peshmerga ” Kurdish in the battle for control of Mosul, arguing that political Balotmaa that are trying Government of the Territory obtained in Mosul, taking advantage of its military intervention.

The Kurdistan Regional Government and the Kurdish Peshmerga forces had confirmed, in a statement released today, “the insistence of the peshmerga forces to stay in the areas controlled by Kurdish Peshmerga forces in southern Mosul, two years ago,” she said, “there is no intention of the territory in control of parts of the city of Mosul in the if their participation in the coming battle. “


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