Parliament holds its vote tomorrow for the reading of the laws, including the abolition and merging ministries



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[Oan- Baghdad]
House of Representatives held, on Tuesday, to vote its regular reading of a number of draft laws.
And it includes the agenda of the meeting , according to the information department of the parliament ” tocomplete voting on the draft universities, colleges , civil law, and vote on the draft General Authority Act to ensure provincial rights and governorates not organized in a region, and voting in principle to the project integrating law and the abolition of ministries.” It
also includes ” the first reading a draft law amending the decree passport atomic endowment No. 1 filter for the year 1955, and the first reading of the draft accession of the Republic of Iraq to the international Institute for the unification of private law Act [UNIDROIT] regarding stolen cultural property or illegally exported, thefirst reading of the draft challenged the law in the interest of law in rulings and decisions related to land ownership. ”
It will show” report and discuss the draft national Commission for Informatics Law, and discuss the draft report and Informatics crimes Act, and a report and discussion of the draft law to maintain the documentation. ” Listed on the agenda.