Arab summit to begin its work in the absence of a large number of leaders


By Shunem Abdullah Khoshnaw 24 minutes ago
القمة العربية تبدأ أعمالها بغياب عدد كبير من الزعماء

Roudao – Erbil

Arab Summit began its work at its 27th in Nouakchott, on Monday, amid a notable absence of a large number of leadersof the Arab states.

The Egyptian prime minister, Ismail Sharif, in his speech to mark the opening of the summit, “we seek a unified Arab vision to address the changes in the region,” adding that “Arab integration has become an urgent necessity in light of the current challenges.”

Ismail stressed that “it is indispensable to end internal conflicts and unite efforts to build the future.”

The summit is scheduled for searching a number of regional issues, notably the wars and conflicts in Syria, Yemen, Libya and Iraq, as well as ways to combat “terrorism” and groups associated with it.And participate in the summit, the leaders of seven countries are Qatar, Sudan, Kuwait, Yemen, Djibouti and the Comoros Islands, in addition to the host Mauritania, while the heads of their governments posted six countries, while the remaining countries participating foreign ministers or other officials.

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