Arab summit concludes its work in Nouakchott and emphasizes support Iraq in its fight Daash


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[Oan- Baghdad]
concluded Arab summit, the 27th edition of which was held in the Mauritanian capital Nouakchott for the first time on the country, and stressed the importance of Arab solidarity in the face of terrorism.
Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz stressed at the opening of the summit, that the volatile situation in the Arab region have led to the belief of some that the Palestinian issue fell in the priorities of theArabs by renewable crises which encouraged the Israeli government to stop its settlement policy.
He pointed Ould Abdel Aziz that ” Palestinian issue is one of the first Arab and will remain so until there is ajust and lasting solution based on international resolutions and the proposals of the Arab initiative. ”
He noted that the resumption of negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis , with international guarantees binding and freeze settlement activity and stop the cycle of violence against Palestinians and lift the Israeli blockade unjust them which are necessary conditions to reach a final solution to the conflict in the Middle East region.
the participants in the summit ‘s final statement:
“affirms Arab leaders reaffirmed the centrality of the Palestinian issue in our joint Arab action and to move forward in supporting the Palestinian people ‘s steadfastness in the face of systematic Israeli aggression and all dedicating efforts for a solution just and lasting comprehensive based on the Madrid principles and rules of international law , the UN and the relevant resolutions of the Arab peace initiative. ” it
also welcomed the participants, in this context, the French initiative to convene an international peace conference paves him to halt all Israeli settlement activities, so as to ensure the right of the Palestinian people, in accordance with the time frame, to establish an independent state with its capital in East Jerusalem.
He called Arab leaders of the international community to the implementation of international decisions to end the Israeli occupation and the withdrawal from the entire occupied Arab territories, including the Syrian Arab Golan and the occupied territories in southern Lebanon to the borders of June 1967 .
Arab parties leaders in Libya and called for a relentless pursuit to complete construction of state of the new deal with terrorist groups.
Yemeni crisis
Arab leaders factions appealed in Yemen , giving priority to the logic of dialogue and work out of Kuwait path positive results back to Yemen ‘s security and stability and the unity of its territory at the earliest.
confirmed Arab leaders to support Iraq in preserving the unity and territorial integrity and support in the face of terrorist groups and the liberation of its territory from al Daash terrorist.
and welcomed the participants of the progress made in the Somali national reconciliation and the rebuilding of state institutions.
and it expressed the Arab leaders for their keenness to establish solidarity and mutual values between Arab states and supporting human capacity and care for Arab scientists and pay particular attention to the Arab labor and enable them to assume the lead in employment opportunities within the Arab space to consolidate the bonds of brotherhood and to preserve the cultural identity and cultural and Mqomatna.
He noted the leaders of attention to the need to maintain the unity of culture and stick to classical Arabic Arab identity code and work on upgraded and developed enacted for their protection and maintenance ofheritage of national legislation and enable them to accommodate the modern and technical knowledge minute.
pointed attendees to entrust the joint Arab institutions working on the development and methods of work and speed up systems in the implementation of the existing Arab integration and expand investment opportunities between the Arab countries and the creation of mechanisms to help the least of Arab States projects growth and rehabilitation of their economies, as well as minimizing the environmental risks, according to terms of reference of the Paris final summit on environmental risks.
displaced people and refugees
Arab leaders and refers to support for the Arab and international humanitarian relief efforts to provide emergency assistance to those affected by wars and conflicts of refugees and displaced people and displaced and to develop humanitarian Arab and relief work and the development of mechanisms thenecessary mechanisms within the Arab system to meet the urgent humanitarian needs and to help those affected and host countries for them.
Middle East free of nuclear weapons
and new leaders call to compel Israel to join the NPT and to subject its nuclear facilities and programs tointernational inspection and comprehensive safeguards system and guide the Arab foreign ministers to review the various disarmament issues nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction and tostudy all the alternatives available to preserve the Arab national security and regional security and reaffirmed the need to make the Middle East a zone free of weapons of mass destruction.
Achtsaraalghemh for a day instead of two days is
worth mentioning that the Arab leaders narrowed their summit in Nouakchott and one day, after he had been scheduled held for two days, and Aazzoa many observers to the weak and of the absence of a number of Arab leaders to attend.
The summit was attended by the Emir of Qatar and the Emir of Kuwait and the heads of Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, Djibouti and the Comoros, with King Abdullah II sent his prime minister , Hani Mulki to Nouakchott.
as apologized Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al- Sisi to attend the Arab summit and instructed Sherif Ismail, the Prime Minister, to chair the Egyptian delegation at the Arab summit that the two – day meetings.
and deliberated Palestinian media reported the absence of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas from thesummit due to the death of his brother in Qatar two days and direction since there for the funeral.
I apologize to the President of the Republic of Iraq Fuad Masum participate for undisclosed reasons and sent him Foreign Minister Ibrahim al – Jaafari to head the Iraqi delegation that will attend the summit.
was attended by Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, because of his health, as well as a delegation of Oman headed a special representative Sultan Qaboos because Toekh, while Bahrain, Palestine, Morocco and Tunisia , countries participated delegations headed by ministers of Foreign Affairs, and miss Syria from thesummit because of the suspension of its membership in the Arab League.
Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika was absent for health reasons, to represent the President of theCouncil of the nation Abdelkader Bensalah.

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