The escape of large numbers of Aldoaash outside Sharqat

History of edits:: 7.24.2016 16:35 

{Salahuddin: Euphrates News} escaped a large number of gangs Daash Alahrabah outside Sharqat yet provided the security forces and the cooperation of the people of eliminating them.
According to a security source from within Sharqat told {Euphrates News} “that the security forces found large numbers of weapons and ammunition that were in possession of Daash gangs terrorist after inspection of the sites that were holed up by action.” 

He added that ” the cooperation of the people of the judiciary with us produced the outcome of the escape of those gangs criminal were obtained intelligence information on the high importance of the objectives will deal with them thoroughly , which will help to liberate the province of Nineveh. process 

a security source had said earlier for {Euphrates News} that the people in Aljehlh village of spend Sharqat Ludlow value for Daash gangs information criminal resulted in such information for the killing of a senior commander in the terrorist Daash {} Libyan Abu al – Harith. “ended

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