Abadi Office reveals American power tasks that will be sent to Iraq


Khandan – the media office of the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al -Abadi detection experts and advisers Americans to be sent to Iraq as part of a final understanding with the US side tasks, and among that this force will be rehabilitated Qayyarah Air Base , the maximum to their importance in the liberation of Mosul process, said it would provide more support for troops Iraq through the provision ofcounseling and logistical support. Saad al – Sabri , spokesman for the press office of the Iraqi Prime Minister at the press briefing, said that “Iraq is the front line in the war against terrorism and interest, wisdom and justice that we use the international and regional support in this war , and to Anharb alone in war all humanity, and take advantage of all the support provided to Iraq in this war as long as they do not conflict with national sovereignty and are in full coordination with theIraqi government , especially with the fact that this support and assistance to contribute to accelerating the processes of liberalization and minimize losses among our fighters and protect civilians. ”  he said Sabri was” in this context comes the last of understanding with the American side where he will be sent less than two hundred experts and technicians American consultant with crews accompanying service for them – and this supported the tradition of the US military action – to assume contribute to the rehabilitation ofQayyarah air Base , the maximum to their importance in the liberation of Mosul process, and to provide greater support Iraqi forces , and through the provision of counseling and logistical support for our troops in the advance towards Mosul and to provide more air support and the provision of air and an active and direct Iraqi troops fighting on the ground cover. ”  Sabri said , and explained , ” this force will be no combat missions ground for not need Iraq to foreign combat troops On the ground”.


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