INTERPOL join the international coalition in the fight against Daash

History of edits:: 22.7.2016 19:05 

 the International Criminal Police Organization announced [Interpol], today, joining the international coalition against al Daash “to limit the flow of foreign fighters and stop funding the organization.

He said Interpol Secretary General Jurgen Stoke during a meeting in Washington of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Defense countries of the international coalition yesterday, that “Interpol will lead a catalytic role in the area of the police in the campaign against Altaatzim,” in a statement published by the organization from its headquarters in Lyon. 

The Osaf, ” The sharing of information across Interpol is based on the expansion of the national security domain , “adding that” one of the key points is to build a bridge between the conflict zone in the heart of the stronghold Daash, and between police services abroad , where waging Daash attacks and inciting extremism. ” 

He pointed Stoke that” the cooperation between Interpol and the Ministry of US defense allowed the dismantling of networks to recruit militants and locate terrorists , foreign fighters to cross – conversion information has been declassified it collected from the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq is very important to investigate overseas strings. ” 

He continued,” the repetition of this approach against Daash would allow increasing the success of investigations ratios in great about an associated groups all over the world , “noting that ” often setups efforts have to stop at the gates of the battlefields. ” 

He explained that” the sixty – member states of the Interpol share information , which includes more than 7,500 foreign fighters. ” 

featuring international coalition led by Washington two years ago and it is waging strikes on organizing sites in Syria and Iraq 66 countries.


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