Iraq issued the second his cargo of liquid gas quantity of 1,500 tonnes next week

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[Oan- Baghdad]
media director of the Basra Gas Company Darraji Shaalan announced the company ‘s intention to export aconsignment of gas liquid substance [cooking gas] up to 1500 tons next week.
He said Darraji in a press statement, said that ” the company is serious bridging the local need of gas material liquid to the citizens, adding that the company next month will organize the export process on aregular basis and thus adding a new and take financial income for the country.”
The Oil Ministry announced on the second of July ongoing, exported two thousand tons as the first shipment of liquid gas through the port of Umm Qasr.
He described the deputy minister for the gas industry Hamid Younis, the export process during a ceremony held on this occasion , ” the accomplishment historical economic and oil and event for Iraq , ” noting that “access to self – sufficiency in gas production fluid where the daily production rate of 5,000 tons per day. “

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