Urgent Britain has doubled its troops in Iraq to 500 with the approaching battle Mosul


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the British Ministry of Defense announced that it has decided to double the number of British troops in Iraq to 500 troops.
The British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon, said on 30 June that his country would send “about 200 extra troops to Iraq , ” noting that this increase comes “with the continuation of Iraqi forces regain territory and begin major operation to liberate Mosul; it is important to continue the coalition forces to provide support to allow them to achieve further progress. ”
He stressed at the same time that” Britain would provide for the Peshmerga forces ammunition worth 1.4 million pounds.
the British Ministry of Defence at the end of June, that ” the extra power and a team of engineers will raise the total of British troops in Iraq to 1,100 troops.”
but after this new increase the number of British soldiers in Iraq 1,400 troops.



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