Mkourk: edit Mosul and ensure the stability of the greatest challenge of the international coalition against Daash offline


The bombing of the World Alliance for building the Central Bank and the premises of three banks in the city of Mosul


Author: HAA
Editor: BK 20/7/2016 17:23 Number of Views: 113

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Confirmed the US presidential envoy to the international coalition in Iraq, said on Wednesday that (Daash) lost more than 50 percent of the land that was occupied in Iraq, which allowed room for the return of 700 thousand Iraqis to their homes where ,, While counting that the liberation of Mosul was “the biggest challenge” alliance currently, between the Washington conference will focus on the fight against the organization in Iraq, Syria and financing efforts to bring stability to Iraq liberated areas and train police forces to catch the ground and secure the return of the people to it.

Brett said Mkourk, in a press briefing today, I followed (range Press), “The alliance is facing an unprecedented challenge Bdaash terrorist where the flow on Syria over the past four years, more than 40 thousand foreign to join the organization,” noting that “many weak who we fought in Afghanistan during the eighties, he called the US president, Barack Obama, to the formation of the international coalition against Daash in the summer of 2014 the past. “

He Mkourk, that “the coalition meeting on Thursday, will bring together defense ministers and foreign member countries will be an important event in the international campaign against Daash,” noting that “the meeting will include military aspects in the fight against the organization in Iraq, Syria and financing to bring stability to the liberated areas in Iraq’s efforts, training police forces, which will assume the task of keeping the earth and secure the return of people to it. “

He said presidential envoy, that “more than 50 percent of the land occupied by the Daash in Iraq has been liberated with the return of about 700 thousand Iraqis to their homes where,” stressing that “the coalition now looks to Mosul, which will be his greatest challenge yet.”

He said Mkourk, that “most of the focus meeting of foreign and defense ministers at the meeting tomorrow will revolve around Mosul, to discuss ways to successfully complete the liberation of the city, (405 north of the capital Baghdad), with a plan to sustain stability and the allocation of adequate funding for that,” following up “The meeting will focus also on another axis to the prosecution networks recruiting foreign militants around the world by gathering intelligence information about them and prosecution, as well as ways to prosecute other armed groups affiliated to the organization Daash formations around the world, particularly in Libya. “

The foreign and defense ministers conference of the international coalition against (Daash), began on Wednesday in Washington DC, and lasts for two days, and represent Iraq at the foreign and defense ministers conference, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, and Khaled al-Obeidi.

The State Department spokesman, John Kirby, announced, in (the 23 of June 2016), Washington hosted in (the twentieth of July present), an international donors’ conference aims to support the Iraqi government in the process of restoring stability to the liberated areas, and help the Iraqi people overcome the humanitarian crisis The devastation caused by the organization (Daash).

The State Department, suggested on Tuesday (the 19th of July present), collecting two billion dollars to help Iraq during the donors’ conference to be held in Washington with the participation of 24 countries, indicating that it will be allocated to meet the four needs and challenges of “urgent” related to the removal of mines from the liberated areas and to facilitate the return of displaced persons her and stability, as well as secure the humanitarian needs of the internally displaced and displaced persons with the start of liberalization of Mosul operations.


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