Gen. Votal: well prepared for the battle of Mosul and Beyond



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{INTERNATIONAL: Euphrates News} said the US Central Command, General Joseph Votal “to prepare for the process of liberalization of Mosul going well there, as well as preparations for after the battle of liberation.
He said Votal at a joint news conference with US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, he said that ” the battle to liberate Mosul will have good preparations, as well as there are measures beyond the liberation of the city.”
Turn Carter said, we are working with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi and President of Kurdistan , Massoud Barzani , on coordination to resolve the battle of Mosul , the military aspects, as well as looking to evacuate the displaced process, even after the liberalization process and the reconstruction of liberated areas. ”
He noted that” there is ready to support the war against Daash states, declaring send the intention of France to send an aircraft carrier to the region to fight Daash
he said . ” UK to send more trainers to Iraq brass “.anthy

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