Customs: 123 billion dinars fiscal revenue for the past two months


7/20/2016 0:00

 Baghdad , Tariq al – Araji  , was
able to General Customs Authority of obtaining 123 billion dinars financial income at the past two months after the activation of the tariff law. Said Director General of the Ministry of Finance Kazim Ali Abdullah in an interview with the «morning», show the Kurdistan region is fully prepared for the application of the tariff law after the training of its personnel to work its mechanisms, but he expressed regret that the body of privatization work in the customs ports because of red tape. The following is the text of the interview: the revenue accruing to the body  * How much is the value of the income earned after the application of the tariff law? .. Is there a rise compared with last year? Revenue rose dramatically, reaching in the month of June , 61 billion dinars, while revenues were Month in June of last year , 39 billion dinars, and in May of the same year , 29 billion dinars, as was the customs duty as income commensurate with the size of the goods involved, the more the import more value higher, rising drawing. But now equation is that despite the drop in goods entering the TTM customs rose , meaning that a good performance in terms of revenue and lower goods entering leads to another factor is «positive» , which ease the pressure on Iraq ‘s stockpile of foreign exchange reserves at the Central Bank of Iraq , which suffers from considerable pressure due to foreign currency sale for the purpose of import, and therefore must protect this balance, and thus forced the executive branch, to using his stock to cover the financial gap that arose due to lower global oil prices. this matter must be with him to maintain the financial balance of being a supporter of the Iraqi economy now, and it became too dangerous lack of control, as the low value of the goods eased pressure on inventories, and therefore the decline did not happen due to customs procedures, but because out large areas of Iraq from aggregate demand box which areas of military operations, has contributed to the reduction of demand, and the customs effects in the markets on according to the Ministry of planning, the note rise has not been large in market prices after the tariffs, the necessary and basic commodities, especially, and I think so far that all indicators confirm the positives of the application of the tariff with the recognition that management performance is not at the required level. Q : what is the difference between the total amount of revenue so far ,compared with last year? And what will contribute to revenue in budget support? Total revenue teams to the end of the month of May Report last year ‘s 0.225 billion and 789 million dinars, and this increase is the difference of the level of collections for 2015, noting that the tariffs applied during the month of January , but they executed the end of February past, because traders refrain from its application, but at the insistence of the government on its position, the tariff implemented, and I expect the contribution of the body within the budget, up to three percent in the case of the survival of imports at this level. coordination with the Kurdistan Regional Q : what is the extent of coordination with the Kurdistan region to activate the work of customs tariff law there? after applying the tariff at all border crossings with the exception of the provincial outlets, although this does not mean lack of coordination with the province in this direction, I visited the region at the invitation of the Ministry of Finance there, and discussed the subject, and they suffer from administrative problems in the training and qualification staff in the application of tariffs, and on this basis was the opening of training courses for their employees to be trained on the application, and I think that the region towards the application, but without setting a time limit for it. * is there a connection between the application of the tariff and the outstanding issues between the government and the province? application of provincial tariff is not linked files other, but it is affected by the sense that the customs file has nothing to do with other problems between the two sides, and perhaps on the contrary, it is what I have seen of colleagues in the Ministry of Finance, there is a desire in the application of the tariff, but there are administrative problems such as training of cadres and lack of application environment familiarity to relax and obtaining low rates, amounting to five percent, and actually this file is affected by the overall atmosphere in the relationship between the province and the center. * Organization checkpoints customs set up in several areas, was due to the non – application of the province tariff? customs checkpoint was set up under resolution 413 for the year 2015 and the purpose of achieving coordination between the customs duties on goods entering Iraq from different ports, was the creation of what is known as the holiday or the tax committee in a particular place, but the same economic system would lead to destabilization in the restructuring of the economy, and will head the movement of goods to the least ports fee and this is what actually happened Espana ports in the south threatened atrophied and that is can not be tolerated, and therefore , the department in the customs checkpoint audited papers goods entering. If it is less than the tariff , we demand that they repay and this process sometimes cause delaying the movement of trucks and an increase in the time of arrival of the goods to the main discharge zones , but this is an imperative in order to be maintained on the movement and flow of the entry of goods from all Iraq outlets. * the importance of activating the work to publish Alsonarat in the audit of customs and border points? deploy Sunarat at checkpoints and ports is « an order is very important», but its application goes through alleys and canals many ways and laws and regulations impede it, and the body with the interoperability and deployment of Sunarat especially with the lack of financial possibilities of the state to invest and therefore must resort to investment in this area of the private sector and we are working in this direction.for example, the body needed a piece of land allocated from the Real State yellowish area near the great to be set up prospective control after its presentation to the private sector to invest in, recalling the book Real State to the need to obtain the consent of both: urban planning, agriculture and the Directorate of roads, bridges and Antiquities and Tourism Authority of property claims, oil, electricity, water resources and the environment, in order to obtain the approval of these constituencies and there may be other departments, and therefore take a long time. In fact , there was an ambition to declare this point to invest in a week, but I was surprised that the book will prompt the body possibly to three months to announce it, as it includes the typical point scheme corridors of the goods that does not require inspection, and a conduit for those that require inspection, in addition to Sunarat, scales gantry and (K9) and all customs procedures, and in this book the Authority is obliged to send a group of employees to move on all departments to get approval and customization come and then must obtain an exception to the Council of Ministers the presentation of the investment. there ‘s another point, as the body went to announce the privatization of land ports, and told us that there is a model specific to be built by the border crossings Directorate and the subject has been delegated the Ministry of Interior of the building and furnishing of the agreement with the private sector, as the body went toward marine ports Fablgona that this land is owned by the Ministry of transport and must obtain approval or are based negotiate.



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