Lieutenant pilot skims more than “100” billion Iraqi dinars from one government banks (Details)


18-07-2016 07:30 PM

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Orbit News –

Said Inspector General of the Interior Ministry office in Baghdad Police Directorate, on Monday, the arrest of an officer rank of major in the Directorate had embezzled more than 100 billion Iraqi dinars from a State – owned banks by falsifying lists unaffiliated with fictitious names in order to take advantage of the advance of 50 million dinars , which was launched central bank.
The office said in a statement received ‘orbit News’ copy of it, he was arrested on an officer rank of major after receiving information to the Office of the Inspector General reports by the Rasheed Bank claim the ministry to pay financial deductions from beneficiaries of the advance of the (50) million as a result of the failure of associate been attributed to the Directorate Baghdad police pay premiums discharged, and after verification of the beneficiaries names of advances show that does not exist in the district, prompting the formation of a committee headed by the Director of the Office of the Inspector General at the Baghdad police Directorate General Abbas Zamili to follow up on the merits of the confusion made in the claims and names phantom.

The statement added, that after the follow – up and checking out the officer rank of major works in the Directorate accounts rigging complete transactions and fictitious names from the Baghdad Police Directorate and submit them to the bank and receive amounts fundamentalist, prompting the arrest of the officer who embezzled nearly 100 billion Iraqi dinars and fictitious names claiming affiliation to Baghdad police headquarters.

The statement stressed, that the Inspector General of the Ministry ordered the formation of an investigative board right of the accused who has been arrest now by court order to investigate his case and expose those involved with the crime.

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