International loan economic measures of the government eased the financial distress


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Affirmed the financial advisor to the Prime Minister, on Monday, that a modern and Planning Minister on Iraq overcome the economic crisis came against the backdrop of the high flexibility of its security agreement with the International Monetary Fund and government actions to redefine its priorities to cope with the lack of material resources, they returned to it, “softens” of financial distress and “it does not mean its completion.”

He said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that “what the Minister of Planning and member of the cell, the governmental crisis, Salman al-Jumaili, concerning the infringement phase of the economic crisis, it is true as expressing the government’s vision to the implementation of economic policies,” returned to “Jumaili was intended The recent agreement with the international Monetary Fund provided a high flexibility of the Iraqi economy to face any shortage of resources Balnho which relieves financial distress him and not its completion. “

Saleh added that “financial distress still exist, but the risks I said as a result of the availability of easy paths and ways of financing through borrowing from the International Monetary Fund, and the restructuring of the budget and the retrenchment and re-prioritization,” noting that it “eased the burden and the security of the government flexibility in the management of economic activity fiscal deficits around better. “

The Minister of Planning, said in (the 11th of July present in 2016), that Iraq has overcome the economic stage more dangerous after the first half of 2016 ended, they returned to the world’s confidence in Iraq has become stronger and encouraged the international community to deal positively with him after receiving a loan from the International Monetary Fund.

The financial advisor to the prime minister, it was revealed, in (27 May 2016), for Iraq, for “” an international financial umbrella of the convergence of twenty billion dollars, as a .result of its agreement with the International Monetary Fund.

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