US Ambassador to the Minister of Defense: continue to support Iraq to resolve the battles quickly


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[Oan- Baghdad]
Research and Defense Minister Khaled al – Obeidi, Sunday, US Ambassador Stuart Jones , accompanied by the commander of coalition forces in Iraq , Gen. John MacFarland military operations against terrorist Daash gangs.
According to a ministry statement he said , “During the meeting , discuss the victories of the armed forces in Fallujah and follow the course of the ongoing military operations in the leadership of the Liberation ofNineveh operations and the significant progress achieved by the security forces and the support of the international coalition troops there.”
For his part , praised the US ambassador , according to the statement “victories achieved by the Iraqi army in Fallujah and the rest of the other cutouts, and emphasized the continued support of the United States to Iraq in order to expedite the resolution of the fighting and defeating the terrorist organizations and the liberation of the land of Iraq Conception cliques of satisfaction. ”


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