Japan gives Iraq more than $ 21 million to strengthen a number of sectors

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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Japan announced, on Sunday, support development programs and reform in Iraq four new grants totaling 21 million and 170 thousand dollars, administered by the World Bank, while shown that granting supports four areas related to social protection and modernization of the national payments system and promote the “safety and reliability”, and improve the performance of activities business, and support government reform, she expressed the hope that this will contribute to the development policy loan along with financial reform $ 220 million, the development of public and private sectors in the country.

According to the Japanese Embassy in Baghdad, said in a statement, received a (long-Presse) a copy of it, that “Tokyo supports the Iraqi government’s development programs and reform in four new grants totaling 21 million and 170 thousand dollars, to enhance institutional efficiency.”

The embassy said that “the World Bank runs four grants that focus on laying the groundwork for the integration of social protection systems and promote efficiency and help the government develop a comprehensive development of systems of national payments plan”, usually that “the four grants also contribute to improving the business environment and encourage private sector growth, especially small and medium-sized enterprises; and provide economic advisory support to continue economic reform efforts in Iraq. ”

Quoted the Japanese embassy for the Resident Representative of the World Bank in Iraq, Robert Bo quality, saying, “The existence of a strong and effective social protection and modern systems of payments was crucial to the reform efforts undertaken by the Government of Iraq,” noting that “The World Bank is committed to helping the Government of Japan, to provide support for the Iraqi people. ”

She explained the embassy, ​​that those “projects will provide significant support in four areas, the first implementation of the Strategic Action Programme Iraqi social protection, which includes the construction of the National Unified Registry of Iraq and the development of the skills of social workers to target poverty, and the application of legislative reforms to the pension system,” pointing out that “the field the second focuses on updating the national payments system to enhance the safety and reliability of payments in Iraq and contribute to the stability and efficiency of the financial system and increase the circulation of financial services. ”

According to the Japanese Embassy, ​​said: “The third area which is supported by the improvement of the performance of Iraq in the areas covered by Doing Business Report issued by the World Bank, and support the operation of government public service centers,” and added that “fourth area the strengthening of resources to support the agenda and the efforts of the government reform by providing specialized advice and consultation on the ground operations. ”

For his part, Ambassador of Japan to Iraq, Fumio Iwai, according to the statement, that “Japan is still committed to supporting the reform efforts of the Government of Iraq, including financial and economic reforms,” ​​and expressed the hope that “the help of the four new grants, as well as loan policy development and financial reform $ 220 million, in the promotion of these reforms and the development of public and private sector in Iraq. ”

The embassy also said, “The World Bank portfolio in Iraq, made up of three operations with a net commitment of a total of one billion and 905 million dollars,” saying it “includes transportation project is being implemented in the country’s south, and the process of emergency Development resume infrastructure and public services in the municipal areas liberated by the government, and the process of financing for development policies, one billion and 200 million dollars to help Iraq to overcome the fiscal crisis and push ahead with reforms. ”

The United Nations, revealed in (the 14th of July present in 2016), to provide the Japanese government seven million dollars as a grant “urgent” to provide services and the creation of schools for displaced children in Iraq, while likely worsen the situation in the country before his recovery, stressed the need for about 170 million dollars to be able to continue emergency relief and other assistance program during the current year 2016.


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