An invitation to issue dinar-mail

7/18/2016 0:00

 BAGHDAD Hussein al – Tamimi Tgb
economist who proposed the issuance of e –dinar and entered in banking transactions, particularly in the area of government levies , as well as work hard to attract the Iraqi currency and introduced into the banking system to encourage the banking savings process, also examined the money and the economy , restructuring the State – owned banks and thebalance between them and the experts private banks came during an economic seminar organized by the progress of the policy Institute
development. economic power , Dr. Mehdi al – Hafez called for the promotion of thebanking sector , public and private , both .. returned an essential task in terms of thedesired national development, noting that the Iraqi banking sector fails to score hasbecome a major dilemma must work on them by the concerned economic reform .. explaining that the large size of government banks and the needs of the local economy beyond what led to the creation of a big obstacle to the benefit of the banks important to invest and handle critical mass of economic power .. calling for a restructuring of these banks, especially banks «Rasheed »and» Rivers ». so accept appearance of Dr. Mohammed Saleh , the financial advisor to the Prime Minister and the reality of thegovernment banking sector .. indicating that the sector is made up of seven very large banks acquires the banking arena is absolutely up to 91 percent the proportion of banking assets and up to 86 percent of the deposits of the banking system and therefore this formation in government deposits in sizes up to 65 trillion dinars until the end of 2015 ofwhich 45 trillion dinars , government deposits and 19 trillion and deposits civil including 10 trillion the bank «rational» and »Rivers» and 9 trillion to the private banks. application transparency and spoke in favor of good governance to separate management from ownership, accountability, transparency , and this can not be achieved easily because themechanism of action for improper causing it to disable boardrooms because of the large interventions by the ministries in the work of the banks. Saleh also highlighted the existence of a strong political will of the government restructuring State – owned banks have been formed a committee headed by the governor of the central bank and there isa sub – committee to follow up the issue of restructuring the Commission is working with the World Bank that has given us through the four map and began stages. for his part ,David Abdul Zayer head of the Iraqi National Business Council spoke about therestructuring of State – owned banks in the framework of a time limit Set technician takes into account the accumulated problems in these banks to the extent that the recovery of the loans lagging behind the value .. indicating that the last budget announced by theBank of Iraq amounted to 125 trillion dinars a figure astronomical exceeds the state budget, and we all know that this number does not exist and is not accurate, noting that he must not to implicate the new administrations of these problems and should stop work to be audited by a company global. quantum leap stressed Zayer said the fight against corruption starts from the introduction of local currency into the banking system, calling for the issuance of e – dinar by Rasheed Bank or Mesopotamia and government levies only, it will help us to achieve significant leap in banking policy. the general manager of theRafidain Bank Dr. Khawla al – Asadi confirmed that all restructuring restrictions havebeen completed since 2008, indicating that the bank Rafidain and Rasheed Saouhdan their work and putting the sophisticated mechanisms for the advancement of the banking work, denying that the real budget for Bank Rivers are 125 Trliuna but is 25 trillion dinarsonly .. pointing out that banking secrecy only the names of customers, account numbers and otherwise confined him Fbalamkan announcement demonstrates the transparency.

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