The lifting of restrictions on the Iranian international shipping industry in full

History of edits:: 16/07/2016 10:13 

{International: Euphrates News} announced the president of the Association of shipping Massoud Plumh, on Saturday, that there are no restrictions an international in the shipping industry, saying “we are Anusband any problem in the field of sailing Iranian ships to ports International and the entry of foreign vessels into waters of Iran.”

Quoted news sites for Plumh saying today that “after the implementation of the agreement drupe lifted gradually sanctions on the movements of ships carrying Iranian Information in international ports and continued it allows for companies shipping Iranian sail to all ports international.” 

He stated that “after the implementation of the nuclear deal was canceled the ban imposed on the shipping industry of Iran, due in US intervention to prevent exchanges Iran trade with the countries of the world where able the Iranian ships currently sailing of United States ports and its allies. ” 

He added that” the government should facilitate the conditions in the Iranian ports and specifically in ports {Rjaیa and Bandar Abbas and Jabhar} for the development of investment in the country due to the keenness of foreign investors to participate in the projects in this area , “noting that” the government agreed to develop noticeable reductions for ships transporting goods to Iran “.anthy

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