Parliamentary Finance: parliamentary approval of the budget strategy would require the government to accept it

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} rapporteur stressed the parliamentary finance committee Ahmed al-Haj on the need to put the budget strategy within the parliament for approval in order to commit the government.

Haj told {Euphrates News} Saturday, that ” the budget strategy starting from the fifth month in a year where it was forming a committee of financial parliamentary partnership with the government to develop a budget strategies for the year ahead in 2017 , ” noting that “recent events in the parliament have hindered this it , “stressing that” when the situation stabilizes will be meeting and direct realization. ” 

he pointed out that” the problem is composed of three members of the parliamentary finance committee as well as a committee of the Ministry of Finance includes some general managers in the ministry specialists revenue. ” 

he said he was ” either managers two years in the operational ministries , they would be present also to put the next budget strategy , although this strategy is not binding for the government and we call upon to put forward strategic within the parliament for ratification even commit the government to accept it and taking Bha.anthy


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