In conjunction with the demonstrations .. paralysis in the capital, accompanied by preparations for the review of the Army



Since 12/07/2016 19:29 pm (Baghdad time)

Special – balances News

The capital, Baghdad, on Tuesday, a total interruption of private roads leading to the streets to the center of the capital, Karrada and bridges leading to the Green Zone, a complete paralysis in the movement, while the spread of military convoys of the army reinforced with guns and heavy weapons, at a time when security sources indicated that the government intends to organize a military parade in the yard editing on the occasion of July 14 on Thursday and Friday in conjunction with al-Sadr calls for demonstration Friday in Tahrir Square.

Security forces have cut off the streets and fight al-Saadoun and Karrada Street and the main parts of the Abu Nawas Street feeder roads leading into Karrada.

A reporter / balances News /, “The security forces prevented the passage of vehicles on bridges Jadiriyah Republic and Sinak leading to the Green Zone, while resorted to prevent the conduct of citizens on foot near Tahrir Square in central Baghdad and the starting place demonstrations.

He added, “The Karrada district has seen the proliferation of military columns extending from remote areas access to Karrada in central Baghdad reinforced with guns, machine guns, the” RPK “, armor and showers and many heavy weapons, as well as the proliferation of checkpoints which irked the citizens and spread panic among them.”

On his part, said the reporter, “The traffic in the capital has seen a complete paralysis of the traffic between the wheels and another area after linking roads, including parts, as well as a complete interruption of communication between both sides of the Iraqi capital, al-Karkh and Rusafa.”

Meanwhile, security sources drew L / balance News /, that “the government intends to organize a military parade commemorating July 14 in Tahrir Square on Thursday and Friday in conjunction with the calls by the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr to organize a demonstration in Tahrir Square Friday.”

The cleric Moqtada al-Sadr called on Monday, Iraqis to get out massive demonstrations in all of Iraq’s provinces to denounce corruption and demand accountability of the security chiefs responsible for security breaches.

The al-Sadr met, yesterday, with the leaders of Saraya peace, including Associate jihadist him Doaa Abu al-Issawi, the second man of the Sadrist Salim Ayyash.

Trading and bloggers on social networking sites pictures of his recent statement issued after a military uniform with the leaders of Saraya peace which promise that many of al-Sadr attend a big thing for the Iraqi government, triggering fears.

It is said that the Council of Ministers called for the day, Iraqis to postpone the demonstrations for busy security forces war Daash.anthy 29/33 h

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