Shipping achieved financial revenue for the month of June amounted to more than four billion Iraqi dinars


11-07-2016 11:00 PM


General Company for Maritime Transport has achieved one of the formations and the Ministry of Transport financial revenues for the month of June amounted to four billion, six hundred and eighty seven million nine hundred and four thousand and eighty-two dinars.

He said Director General of the General Maritime Transport Company, Abdulkarim Knhl that the increase in revenue was the result of doubling the employees of the company and serious follow-up by the minister, Abdul-Hussein Abtan effort after a visit by his recent to the province of Basra and brief him on the merits of the company’s work and urged them to make efforts and improve the level of ambition.

Knhl He explained that the increase in financial revenue amounted to fifty million Iraqi dinars, compared with the previous month of May, reaching four billion, six hundred and ninety-two thousand six hundred and nineteen Iraqi dinars.


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