Iraq reassures the population: passed the most dangerous stage in the economic crisis


Monday 11-07-2016 | 8:44:56

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Twilight News / said Iraqi Planning Minister Salman al-Jumaili, said that the confidence of the world, Iraq has become stronger day after the big victories of the armed forces and edit more ground in Iraq from the grip of the organization (Daash) terrorist, as well as having economic elements can be relied upon to maintain the sustainability of the national economy .

He Jumaili, that the economic phase of the most dangerous bypassed Iraq in the first half of 2016 .. He expressed the hope that the second half of the year best, as will Iraq by the end Daash and the return of displaced persons, as well as a positive indication of rising oil prices on the world market in addition to the results of the economic measures taken by the government and processors during the last stage.

Jumaily said in a statement that the increase in the international community’s confidence encouraged him to positively deal with Iraq through the approval of the IMF loan, calling for investment of these positive attitudes in the development in the service of Iraq through the consolidation of positions and renounce the differences side exploited by terror targeting Iraqis as happened bombings in Karrada in central Baghdad and south of the country of Iraq.

He cautioned that the unity of the Iraqi position increases the confidence of the world, pointing out that there is an international will Positive Iraq could be invested to overcome its current crisis .. He pointed out that the US capital Washington will witness an important donor countries meeting in the month of July and it is hoped that Iraq gets grant international good to help restore stability in liberated areas of Daash.

Jumaili stressed the need to focus on institutional work in Iraq, he said the Ministry of Planning is one of the stable ministries and works according to scientific and institutional contexts and clear.


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