Cameron: Theresa May will become the Prime Minister of Britain by Wednesday

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Since 07.11.2016 at 18:15 (Baghdad time)

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British Prime Minister David Cameron announced that the Home Secretary Theresa May will take over the presidency of the government by Wednesday.

This came after the announcement of the Minister of State for Energy Andrea Idesom Cameron withdrawal from the succession race for the presidency of the Conservative Party in Britain, for the sake of May.

And Cameron resign after British voters rejected his advice, to choose instead to leave the EU in a referendum last month.

And she withdrew to Idesom after the fuss raised over the weekend about the comments made by the pointed out that being a mother gives it an advantage when taking that position. It is said that Idesom have children, unlike Mai.

It was not clear whether those hype may have affected the decision to withdraw. He simply said it does not believe it has enough support within the party to continue in the race.

“The work needs to be confidence and assurance” in the wake of Britain’s vote to leave the EU, which sparked turmoil in the markets, and led to the erosion of the value of the pound sterling.

She said that Britain needs to “quick government action to put what must have seemed an independent framework of the United Kingdom.” “We now need a new prime minister as soon as possible.” It ended 29 / tc n

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