Roudao .. for a new resolution from the US Congress to send money to the Kurdistan Region special


By Roudao 5 hours ago
الكونغرس الأمريكي
the American Congress

Roudao- Washington

US Congress passed several laws recently, including a law forcing the government to give tens of billions of dollars ayear to countries and regions in the world economic and military aid, is expected to intervene in Kurdistan ranks ofthose actors.

The head of the Foreign Relations Committee in Congress, Sen. Bob Corker, network Roudao media, “will soon reach an aid package, this package will come on the road to Baghdad, but the money will hand the Kurdish people.”

The aid received by the Peshmerga now President Barack Obama’s decision to temporary, but the hope is increasing in Congress to help turn the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Peshmerga into law.

Crocker said, to Roudao, “Kurds are the biggest allies in the war against terrorism, this is certainly agreed upon by both parties, the first thing, that people understand this friendship, and then they like the Kurdish people, and in front of this factor we want to skip this difficult situation.”

Israel and get $ 2 billion and Egypt, amounting to more than a billion dollars on more US military aid for decades, and despite the fact that these US funds granted by the name of aid is free, but it is not without goals.

In economic terms, the United States aims to create suitable for its body, says the head of the Museum News (Niosem), Jeffrey Herbst, “to be those of US economic aid effective, we must recognize that if the state economic policy, private sector development and built good infrastructure does not comply, the another important thing is not the truth. “

China is the great competition to America in the field of grant aid and the money and use it as a tool to buy friends and publish their influence in the world.

The director of the Center for Global Development, Todd Moss, there are some poor countries that want Bavlassha and neglected, but the Chinese are willing to work and trade with rulers oppressors, and Zimbabwe are an example for those countries that cause China’s cooperation with Zimbabwe in achieving the goals are incompatible with our efforts. “

This global competition make the United States more flexibility with some countries such as Egypt, which did not pay the decline in the human rights situation in which, on Washington to cut its aid to the country.




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