Pistol confiscated golden Iraqi rare in Caucasus


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issued security men pistol rare model Mauser [Mauser] was in possession of a gang of arms dealers in the republic of North Ossetia , experts believe that the original owner of this remarkable gun may be the head of the regime ofousted Saddam Hussein.
It should be noted that it was found in the palaces of Saddam on a huge set of gold weapons and rare silver but hit this group of looting and theft were not able one to see it full.
It features a pistol Golden Almauser which was confiscated in the North Caucasus, Handmade ornamented art teacher Juan Rodriguez , who is said to be the ornately pistols Soviet leader Joseph Stalin.
it is known that Saddam was aired fiery manual beautiful arms There is no doubt that he benefited from theservices of this workshop , which still operates to this day.
weapons expert Ruslan Matsochow believes that it has some of Saddam ‘s holdings of handguns stolen either by the military or the Americans , some close to him there is no doubt that some of these weapons fell into the hands of elements Daash after the spread of this terrorist organization , which includes in its ranks many of the sons of the North Caucasus republics.


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