Deputy calls for the involvement of international experts to save the Baghdad security


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News carried the Bloc MP for the National Coalition Sabah al-Tamimi security services full responsibility for the bombings in Karrada, demanding the involvement of international experts to save the Baghdad security.
He said al – Tamimi said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received acopy of it today “necessary to involve international experts in the field of security and information technology to take advantage of their expertise to maintain thesecurity of the capital and end the series of bombings that hit the capital Baghdad and other Iraqi provinces.
She stressed” that may be questioned and held accountable for negligence and defeatists for Security adjust by the House of Representatives in the coming sessions and reconsider the restructuring of the security services. ”
and I wondered Tamimi on” the role of the intelligence agencies responsible for the accident site and its role in thwarting such breaches before they occur, andexpressed fear of “similar security breaches during the Eid al – Fitr.” It is
noteworthy that Karrada district came to a major terrorist car bombing led to thedeath and wounding a large number of civilians, and great damage to several buildings, but met with the explosion of international denunciations and condemnations and wide as well as Tzamn most of the peoples of the world with Iraq , the impact of this tragedy. And the parliamentary security and defense committee announced the completed request to question ministers and leaders unsuspecting which will be submitted in the first session of the third legislative term on July 12 .anthy



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