Labor announces securing the amount of social protection benefits and disbursed very soon




Labor announces securing the amount of social protection benefits and disbursed very soon


BAGHDAD / JD / .. announced the Ministry of Labour to secure the amount of benefits and social protection, while confirming that the coming days will see the second installment salaries for months Exchange (in April and May and June).
A spokesman for the Ministry of Labour Ammar Menem said in a written statement received / JD / copy of it: that the ministry would like to reassure the beneficiaries and beneficiaries who receive subsidies of social protection that the ministry is continuing efforts yielded obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Finance to ensure amount of social benefit for the second installment of the months (April and May and June ).
He noted that the ministry is continuing in its efforts to complete the procedures for the amount of financial redeploy to Rafidain Bank and will be done over the next few days, God willing, will then determine the launch date of the subsidy it is hoped to be during the fourth of July present a third. Adding that the Ministry of Labour as it turns out these facts and set them in front of the audience, but it comes out of its keen interest in providing all the support to vulnerable segments of society.
The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs strives to launch the second installment of the amounts of social benefit and for three months (April and May and June) the end of the current month of July after the ministry obtained the amounts for securing subsidy by the Ministry of Finance approvals.
She said Director of Social Protection Fund Jacqueline Salioh that these steps require a week to ten days in normal circumstances, but the launch of the amounts by financial coincided with the holiday-day Eid holiday on Saturday and Friday as well as the private banks, which is usually after 30/6 for all banks of Iraq’s annual inventory, all this would delay the launch of subsidy distribution of salaries.
She added that the Ministry of Labour and also made it clear more than once that it has completed its willingness to launch a social subsidy salaries but this subject is limited to banking financial procedures and can not be any point of the accelerator by being must take its course and time, saying the ministry has sought hard for the disbursement of the subsidy before the end of the month of July present.
Confirmed Salioh the effort made by all the cadres of the ministry of the youngest employee to the President of the Commission and General Managers where as well as senior agent and all those responsible for this subject and A_khashm minister, who was keen to follow up the issue remotely and continuously in order to speed insurance payments to beneficiaries. She also noted the role of the prime minister and his response to the appeal of the Ministry of Labour prompted him to intervene personally, especially after a visit to an orphanage recently and who face turn crisis cell and one of its members, Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari stressed the need to secure the funds as soon as possible. / End / 22 /

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