US Department of Defense announced the deaths of two of the largest members Daash militants in northern Iraq


02-07-2016 10:59 AM

The US Department of Defense Pentagon, they killed the deputy minister of war and military leader organizing ‘Daash’ air raid near the Iraqi city of Mosul on 25 June.

He said Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook in an official statement, said that ‘their deaths in addition to the raids against al Daash other leaders during the month the latter has seriously limited the leadership of al Daash experience in Mosul and removed two of the largest members of the armed forces in northern Iraq.

‘ said Cook, that’ the attack near Mosul , killing as Mohammed Ahmed Sultan Albjara deputy war minister who oversaw the takeover Daash on Mosul in 2014 ‘,

adding that’ the other member of the organization Daash Alveguetll in the attack , Hatim student – Hamdani , a military commander in Mosul. ”

It is worth mentioning that Daash attempts to extend its control in Iraq and Syria has become a nightmare threatens the whole world, as several countries expressed concern and fears about such attempts.

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