Parliamentary economy is the central markets, the best solution to control the prices of goods


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News saw the economic and investment commission in Parliament member Abdul-Karim al-Naqib, the need to re-interest markets cooperative {Central} for control of commodity prices, especially with the near occasions and holidays.
He said the captain told {Euphrates News} ” The two factors affect the prices , one intervention of the Ministry of Commerce to provide a cooperative markets to deliver goods to consumers at affordable prices, in order to fill a need citizen occasions and holidays, etc., and the worker the other terms of the private traders sector, as they should have been high morals of them from the case of greed and exploitation of theneeds of citizens in such circumstances, where no matter how interfered government imposed censorship there remains a substantial margin is controlled by the private sector in the market. ”
he stressed that” the cooperative market factor is the Ministry of stalled trade projects, and did not do, which is large institutions to shop and they are everywhere, and it can goods to citizens provide and prevent the greed of merchants, and activation of these markets regulated by the market. ”
It is said that clothes and commodity prices are Mlhod rose with near Eid al – Fitr, the burden on the citizen in the light of the economic crisis , which passes the country, which requires taking serious and quick steps to stand against the greed of some traders who are trying to raise prices .anthy 1


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