Urgent mobilization of Nineveh kicks off , led by a Christian officer to fight Daash


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[Oan- Baghdad]
Nineveh Governor Nofal Hammadi Sultan announced the starting officially form the crowd clan of the province and start the registration of volunteers for training camps within the liberalization process of the city of Mosul preparations Daash terrorist gangs.
The Sultan said during a press conference along with Brigadier General Louis Joseph commander of theheadquarters controlling the crowd tribal building Nineveh province swing in Arbil on Friday, “officially announced the formation of the crowd tribal province of Nineveh associated with the federal government , ” noting that ” the province of Nineveh will receive volunteers for joining the camps Altdrebb of order to speed up Bttaghizehm a view to their participation battle of liberation of Mosul. ”
He said the Sultan during Almatmralve attended by the deputy governor Abdul Qadir Sinjari good Allaf” was theissuance of customs clearance crowd clan , which includes all the people of Nineveh rate of 15,000 degrees and careers according to the guidelines developed for this purpose , “noting that” there are committees from thefederal government and the Kurdistan region in order to speed up the completion of the crowd , who do not accept that politicize any political party transactions. ”
for his part, headquarters commander controlling the crowd clan of Nineveh Brigadier General Louis Joseph – It belongs to a component – Christian” there are five camps dedicated to training the crowd clan , some ready and another under construction and there are numbers fight alongside Iraqi forces for months , are part of the crowd clan linked Authority popular crowd in Baghdad , administratively, financially and led joint operations militarily. ”
He said Yusuf” there is a form volunteered launch , headed by the governor and scrutinize security positions for volunteers by the province and the federal government and then an order to the administrative acceptance ofvolunteering for going after joining the training camps. ”
He added that” the international coalition forces will provide most of the supplies and weapons, according to thebattle that will be fought the crowd clan. ”
declared the province of Nineveh opened the door for volunteering in the ranks of the crowd clan of Nineveh.
according to the governor of Nineveh ‘s office in his on the social networking site [Facebook] that “it finds in himself the ability to join in the ranks of the crowd tribal audit Headquarters alternative to the province of Nineveh , the city of Arbil to fill in the forms for volunteer and bring a copy of the official archives of the recording.”
He pointed out that “there is a committee formed for this purpose and will be delivered forms in specific registration sites and identified Nineveh province also my alternative conservative in the provinces of Dohuk and Kirkuk to register and to provide volunteers transactions. ”
the chief of the crowd , National security adviser Faleh al – Fayad, last Monday, the presence of 15,000 fighters from Mosul sons will participate crowd clan of Nineveh in the battle edit province Daash terrorist gangs.

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