Net: 919 vessel entered the port loaded with “7” Millions of tons of various cargoes



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General Company of Iraqi Ports, announced Thursday, for the entry of more than 919 vessel to the port of Basra over the past five months, a payload of up to more than 7 million tons.

A spokesman for the ports Anmar net / balances News /, “the Iraqi ports experiencing constant motion around the clock and the arrival of ships from different countries of the world to the ports of Basra after they have seen lately the development of ports and the recovery movement.”

Safi said that “the sum of the ships entering the ports during the past five months amounted to 919 Steamboat various types of payloads from different countries,” pointing out that “those ships carried more than seven million tons” .anthy 29/33 h




Nassif reveals asked the public prosecution request to lift her Alhasnh



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Confirmed the MP high Nassif National Alliance, on Thursday, the public prosecutor asked the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to raise Alhasnh it because of a lawsuit had been filed by the Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi.

He said Nassif’s / balances News /, that “al-Obeidi, filed a lawsuit against it on the number of files in its possession regarding corruption,” pointing out that “the lawsuit filed court of publishing.”

She added that “the parliament speaker Salim al-Obeidi last interrogation after the latter won assurances not to complete the interrogation, where he filed a lawsuit against her.”

She continued, “the public prosecution request to lift the immunity by al-Jubouri and agreed to you,” pointing out that “the lifting of immunity bounces being needs the vote of two thirds of parliament, or 217 deputies, and this is not possible at the moment.”

And vowed to Nassif, to “deliver the elimination of files in its possession against al-Obeidi with respect to corruption.”

It is said that a source revealed the approval of the parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri to lift the immunity of MP high Nassif because of a lawsuit against it, “.anthy 29


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Know the names of Ministers who did not disclose their financial interests during 2016 (Details)


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Orbit News –

The president of the Integrity Commission Hassan al – Yassiri, Thursday, for failure to disclose Foreign Minister and Minister of Transport and the Minister of Youth and Sports for their financial interests during 2016.
Yasiri said in ‘dedicated news conference to announce a semi – annual report to her, Foreign Minister Ibrahim al – Jaafari did not disclose financial Zmmh Authority during the current year.’
He added that the ‘Transport Minister Baqer al – Zubaidi, Minister of Youth and Sports , Abdul – Hussein Abtan also did not disclose their financial interests during 2016’.

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Jubouri agrees to lift the immunity of high Nassif


Views 308 viewsBAGHDAD / SNG – approved by the Speaker of Parliament to lift the immunity of MP high Nassif at the request made by the public prosecutor regarding a lawsuit filed by Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, on charges of libel and defamation.

Parliamentary Finance calling on the government to prepare for the coming years


Parliamentary Finance calling on the government to prepare for the coming years

Economy News / special

Parliamentary Finance Committee called on the government to prepare for the coming years, under the economic crisis in the country.

Said committee member Majda al-Tamimi in an interview for “Economy News,” Iraq is passing through a severe economic crisis and until now depends on internal and external loans, as well as the adoption of basic on oil imports and foremost, “he said.” It must be the government to account for the coming years, it can not be administration indebted the country. ”

He added that Iraq “needs to be changes in the economic structure because of IMF conditions on loans to substantial changes in Iraq ‘s economic infrastructure,” pointing out that “we do not know the nature of the loan , as it was announced 5.4 billion from the International Monetary Fund, and three billion from the bank international, and 3.6 billion from the G7 {Seven major industrialized nations} We do not know the conditions and duration of the guarantees. ”

And demanded al-Tamimi, the Ministry of Finance to “disclose all what was discussed in the negotiations between Iraq and the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and the group of industrialized countries,” noting that “the Committee after the legislative recess want to see what happened between the ministry and the International Monetary Fund.”

And oil prices, stated that “the International Monetary Fund, and other agencies predicted oil prices between {of $ 48-50}, but there is what leads to lower prices, election a referendum Britain about the withdrawal from the European Union and not to deal in euros This issue led to a decline in oil prices, as well as from Saudi Arabia to change its plan to the economy is not entirely dependent on oil which led to a drop in oil prices, as well as supply and demand and the price of US interest rates have risen, which rose Every interest rate leads to lower oil prices and an increase in US inventories. ”

It is noteworthy that, the International Monetary Fund stipulated in the agreement concluded by Iraq, which stipulates granting a loan initially exceed $ 5 billion, to impose strict controls on the doors of disbursement of the loan, full salary and subjecting allowances to senior civil servants, and grades functional supreme, and private, to income tax, while not include conditions permit stamped on the ration cards, and the salaries of social protection network, and government subsidies for displaced people in. According to an informed source in the Ministry of Finance.


Britain to send 200 trainers to Iraq: support the coalition liberated Fallujah


Thursday 30-06-2016 | 5:52:24

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Twilight News / British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon announced Thursday to send about 200 extra troops to Iraq to train Iraqi forces and to help in its fight against the terrorist organization Daash.

According to the Ministry of Defence – said in a statement today – that the additional strength and a team of engineers will raise the total of British troops in Iraq to 1,100 troops.

Britain sent 50 experts to Assad air base in western Iraq to train Iraqi forces to counter IEDs and infantry skills and provide first aid, while 90 soldiers will help guard the airbase.

It also creates 30 soldiers based aims to assist in the implementation of the task, which will be deployed engineering team for six months to develop infrastructure for the project. Iraq also get heavy weapons and ammunition for sniper rifles worth up to 1.4 million pounds to fight Daash.

He said Defense Secretary Michael Fallon – in a statement – “Through the support of the coalition forces, Iraqi forces were able to pay Daash and restore land. Fallujah was liberated now that suffered at the hands of Daash since the beginning of 2014. ”

He added that with the continuation of Iraqi forces regain territory and begin major operation to liberate Mosul; it is important to continue the coalition forces to provide support to allow them to achieve further progress.

Fallon confirmed that Britain would provide for the Peshmerga forces ammunition worth 1.4 million pounds.

The openingof the Olympic swimming pool in Diwaniya and youth reveal nearthe openingof theother five


Olympic swimming pool in Diwaniya


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Long-Presse / Diwaniya

Opened the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the first Olympic swimming pool in Diwaniya, at a cost of 7 billion Iraqi dinars, and, while confirming that the next week will see the opening of Msobha Kut and Karbala, as well as three others after the feast, showed that the financial crisis experienced by Iraq caused Ptlka many ministry projects.

This came during the opening of the pool of Diwaniyah Olympic ceremony in the small hours of Wednesday evening, which saw the establishment of several events for the sport of swimming, in the presence of the Minister of Youth and Sports, Abdul-Hussein Abtan Diwaniya governor and president of its board and a number of members of the local government and sports figures, and attended (range Press).

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Abdul-Hussein Abtan, in an interview with (long-Presse), “The ministry in collaboration with the Government of Diwaniyah succeeded in opening five projects of which four stadiums in addition to the Olympic swimming pool,” adding that “the pool will be the origin of an athlete strategically to maintain, and will be stop shop for all those interested in the sport of swimming, not only in the province but also in the whole of Iraq. “

Abtan and that “the opening of the ministry to court Afak and Olympic swimming pool, the Diwaniya become capable of hosting all kinds of sports tournaments for teams of Arab and foreign clubs,” pointing out that “the next few days will witness the opening of Msobha Kut in Wasit province, and Karbala Olympians, who carried out the assignment of investment, as It will open pools of Najaf and Samawah, Nasiriyah, after a month of Shawwal, to be the summer for the opening of the Olympic swimming pools. “

He welcomed the Minister of Youth and Sports, “the invitation of the Government of Diwaniyah me to complete the Sports City project,” asking, “Where do I pay the funds of the Ministry of the Turkish company which is one of the best executing our projects in the provinces companies, which exceed thirteen billion dinars, due to the financial crisis experienced by the country, which coincided with the holy war against the organization Daash, “adding that” the Turkish nationals kidnapped in Baghdad was one of the reasons that the Turkish company called to leave Iraq and return to work again will only be a political decision. “

He Abtan, that “the implementation of contracts for pools with investment companies to be included Nagadon workers from the Swimming Federation”, calling Swimming Federation to achieve important positions and good results after swimming in the Iraqi infrastructure within the game to provide the highest global standards. “

He held the minister, “the Engineering Department at the Ministry of Youth and Sports previous, is responsible for the reluctance of sports projects in the past four years,” pointing to “overcome all the problems of work and coordination with the ministries and local governments to complete the lagging project.”

For his part, Director General of the Investment Department and the self-financing in the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Razak inch, in an interview with (long-Presse), “The problems that led to the suspension of completing the project by the company earlier implemented, called on the ministry to put the project to invest and to allocate it to one local investment companies, an amount exceeding one billion dinars, to complete the first two phases summer swimming pools and accessories, and the second Ptsagifa before winter to be adapted for all seasons as a whole. “

He explained an inch, that “the project includes two swimming pools, a world-class one high jump and dive depth of five meters, and the second for swimming races, in addition to showrooms agility and other types of sports, and extensions of public buildings and rooms for administration and other departments.”

In turn, the Youth and Sport of Diwaniyah manager, Saad ordeal, in an interview with (long-Presse), “The total cost of the project amounting to seven billion dinars, but the reluctance of the company executing the ministry called for the withdrawal of working them, and forwarded to the investment local company with settled for $ 400 million the paneling, “adding that” the lack of financial and technical support for the Directorate and the cost of the technical and medical staff that will work on the project was among the reasons for referral to the investment, with the requirement to implement events and tournaments our own within the contract. “

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Abdul-Hussein Abtan, confirmed in (27 of last May), the lack of financial allocations by the economic crisis taking place in Iraq will prevent the completion of a number of sports projects in the province of Diwaniyah, and in the face of the allocation of a sum of money to the club Diwaniya to provide its needs and push for better results, he pointed out that the ministry is committed to cover the opening of the special effectively targeted Afak Stadium expenses.