US Ambassador: We are working to defeat the “Daash” in Iraq as soon as possible


Khandan – The US ambassador to Baghdad, Stuart Jones, on Thursday, said that the international coalition forces to combat al “Daash” terrorist, carried out an air strike against the organization in the city of Fallujah, which resulted in the destruction of 100 military vehicles, and the killing of large numbers of elements of the organization.

He said the US ambassador during a meeting with a number of reportersand media , “our face to Daash airstrike in Fallujah on Wednesday, with the participation of the F – 16 Iraqi, targeting a large convoy of more than 100 military vehicles, Admournaha fully and is currently chasing the rest of the mechanisms (without identification number) “,

He said the US ambassador “is currently collecting information about Daash losses in equipment and people as a result of this process.”

The lead of the United States, an international coalition composed of more than sixty countries, launched air strikes on strongholds “Daash” in Iraq and Syria for nearly two years, as the coalition forces shall provide advice to local forces in the two countries.

Jones stressed that Washington was working to defeat al “Daash” as soon as possible from Iraq, stressing “the need to find a mechanism to address the intelligence Daash sleeper cells in Iraq, Turkey and European countries.”

He pointed out that his country will do its best to achieve the US president’s commitment to Bdharham “Daash” during the current year, stressing that “the territory controlled by the organization began to recede.”

He pointed out that “the conference will be held next July, when all of the United States of America, Germany, Japan and Canada will participate,” noting that the conference “will provide humanitarian support to the campaign of Mosul and to restore stability,” without referring to the venue of the conference.

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