Nassif reveals asked the public prosecution request to lift her Alhasnh



Since 30/06/2016 18:42 pm (Baghdad time)

Special – balances News

Confirmed the MP high Nassif National Alliance, on Thursday, the public prosecutor asked the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to raise Alhasnh it because of a lawsuit had been filed by the Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi.

He said Nassif’s / balances News /, that “al-Obeidi, filed a lawsuit against it on the number of files in its possession regarding corruption,” pointing out that “the lawsuit filed court of publishing.”

She added that “the parliament speaker Salim al-Obeidi last interrogation after the latter won assurances not to complete the interrogation, where he filed a lawsuit against her.”

She continued, “the public prosecution request to lift the immunity by al-Jubouri and agreed to you,” pointing out that “the lifting of immunity bounces being needs the vote of two thirds of parliament, or 217 deputies, and this is not possible at the moment.”

And vowed to Nassif, to “deliver the elimination of files in its possession against al-Obeidi with respect to corruption.”

It is said that a source revealed the approval of the parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri to lift the immunity of MP high Nassif because of a lawsuit against it, “.anthy 29


From: Issa Hussein


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