Modern “full” the US ambassador about the “credit” for Iraq and the bombing of a convoy in the Amiriyah Fallujah Daash


30/06/2016 14:37
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BAGHDAD / tomorrow ‘s Press: US Ambassador in Iraq, Stuart Jones, on Thursday, said the credit facilities by the United States of Iraq will enable him to complete the purchase of f16 and maintenance of aircraft, as well as tanks m1 A1, as disclosed that the payment will be on credit by good benefit at six point four or five a half interest , which is usually imposed on such facilities.

Jones said, during a meeting with a number of media, including “Tomorrow ‘s Press,” “We drove yesterday ‘s signing of the credit facility of two separator seven billion dollars, which will enable Iraq to complete thepurchase of f16 and maintenance of aircraft, as well as tanks m1 A1”. He said the ambassador, that “origin of the idea of the facilities are thepayment on credit by good benefit at six point four or five a half interest, in addition to it ‘s a good deal for Iraq.” on the other hand, theambassador noted, that “there are air successful operation carried out by the coalition against large convoy against Daash in Fallujah last Tuesday. We discovered the convoy through our surveys air and we were able to trace their tracks, and yesterday after we made sure keep them away from civilians and identities of Daash we started to beat them and destroyed their caravans. ” He added,” We still Nsthsal information for determining the number of Aldoaash who were killed during the escape intone them yesterday, and the number of vehicles that were destroyed , “explaining,” There is no confirmation on the numbers you mentioned the number ofwheels was .400 and can not confirm that figure , but it is certain more than 100 wheel. ” he said,” I was present at the beginning of the joint operations were not 400 wheel, and there is no any agreement in order tofacilitate the escape of Aldoaash , “noting” were divided into three convoys and completely destroyed, and Srna participation of the Iraqi aircraft f16 this process where we have destroyed a number of wheels and killed alarge number are also elements Daash. ” on the role of the international coalition in the fight against Daash , ambassador to explain that “there is acommon meeting of the ministers of defense and the interior of some of the international coalition countries through 20 and 21 of the month of July and look forward visiting Iraqi delegation to this Conference ( OIC ) ,” adding that ” the conference will discuss the face Daash not only in Iraq but also for all countries of the world, and there is a meeting the last in theconference financial and humanitarian support to Iraq and will round it to America, Germany, Japan and Canada, and this wonderful opportunity to support the displaced people and restore stability to them. ” He went on, ” we worked with the United Nations program to establish support for thedisplaced Fund, and the United States donated the first where the donation and donated $ 15 million, and this support is the beginning of more than $ 100 million from all over the world. ” he said the US ambassador, said , ” We want to get additional support and would like to obtain support for another fund to support the stability of a long – term, while the fund also for the reconstruction of liberated areas. ” between, “there is a deputy or deputies for the security and defense committee expressed their rejection of the agreement yesterday was not the whole , rejecting, and those members have the right to express their opinion but the Council ofMinisters adopted a decision,” he said . “there are three good reasons to adopt the Convention, the first is to enable the best military forces to fight Daash through advanced weather and field weapons, as we have seen through the participation of Iraqi aircraft f16 with the international coalition, as well as tanks “m1, a1″. he continued, ” The second reason is economic. Iraq is going through an economic crisis and factors ofdestruction and displaced persons and the drop in oil also contributed tothis crisis, “he said . ” The third reason is Iraq for technical technology through f16, tanks , planes, m1 a1 advanced military equipment .. Iraqis technicians have the ability to use many of the techniques, which arecontinuing benefit of Iraq. ”



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