granted $ 200 million directly



Thursday 30-06-2016 | 9:37:22

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Twilight News / announced for security and defense committee in the Iraqi parliament rapporteur Hakhuan Abdullah, on Thursday, all that America will be awarded $ 200 million of the loan, which has decided to grant Iraq to Alپeshmrگh forces directly without reference to Baghdad.

Abdullah said in a statement responded to the Twilight News, Iraq and the United States agreed on Wednesday that the US grant of $ billion loan and 700 thousand dollars to Baghdad, adding that Washington has for its part isolating the $ 200 million of the loan to be granted to the Kurdistan Region.

He added that this decision means that all the efforts that have been made in order to know the American side that the US aid to Iraq who did not get them anything for the region have been successful.

It is turning out that this is an important step and from now on you’re not granting the province its share of all loans given to Iraq directly.

امريكا تمنح الپيشمرگة 200 مليون دولار بشكل مباشر


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