Baghdad airport gets a license certificate of air safety in civil aviation

History of edits:: 6.30.2016 23:34
[Oan- Baghdad] 

Baghdad International Airport , the airport received a license certificate by air safety department at the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority.

The Director General of Civil Aviation Samer Kubba said in a statement the Ministry of Transport said “this achievement came after he was preparing Airport Guide and the emergency plan by specializing in airport personnel under the supervision of the airport director Ali Jawad.” 

He added Kubba said “This certificate will be considered Baghdad airport committed within standards international because this license is recognized by the international civil Aviation Organization ICAO [ICAO] “. 

He pointed out that the certificate” will be given the airport and its workers in the more tender and progress in several areas , and the traveler can intuit that the nature of the service provided to them. ”

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