Abadi: MPs leaked edit Mosul plan and warn of any Turkish stretch of the city [Extended]


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[Oan- Baghdad]
revealed commander of the armed forces , Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, a change from the city of Mosul edit Daash terrorist gangs plan.
Ebadi said in a statement , “We have changed the liberation of Mosul plan after leaks and statements from the Congress , ” reiterating that ” the liberation of Mosul will be this year as promised Iraqis.”
He added, ” The concerns of the Turkish ambitions in Mosul fact , ” and warned of “any stretch or intervention Turki in Mosul being will lead to an enormous war is war Daash. ”
the Turkish Prime Minister, Ben Ali Yildirim, yesterday announced an agreement to normalize relations with Iraq and Egypt.
he spoke Yildirim, in an interview with channel [TRT] Turkish state that” Ankara is seeking to normalize relations with Iraq and Egypt , “stressing that his country” is working on one track with all Iraqi parties without discrimination and stand deduced from sectarian politics , “hello at the same time , ” appointed Iraq ‘s new ambassador to Ankara, saying it is a positive step. ”
experiencing the Iraqi relations – Turkish tension years ago and escalated after the entry of Turkish troops at camp Ba’shiqah near Mosul , despite the rejection of the demand of the Iraqi government ‘s withdrawal of violating the sovereignty of Iraq , and it came without asking him, which denies Ankara says its forces haveentered the approval of the request of Iraqis.
the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi in a statement Wednesday that ” Daash losses in Fallujah and its outskirts were very enormous , “pointing out that” the convoy of a terrorist was trying to escape from our troops in thedesert last night he was eliminated by aircraft , “adding that” the process of liberalization north of Baiji began without announcement and is still continuing. ”
the cross – Abadi all respect him for the decision Federal Court regarding the illegality of the Ministerial amended in the parliamentary session on 26 April, saying , “I will work with all ministers returning or new , ” noting that ” the reshuffle a small part of the reform process , ” saying, he was “not insisting on changing theministers and most importantly has the liberalization city Mosul and economic crisis. ”
He stressed , ” We want the return of the House of Representatives to convene and I’m not comfortable withthe lack of compatibility. ”
He explained Abadi” there is a credit facility from the World Bank and not a loan bank did not impose conditions on its credit facilities , “denying at the same time the news” about the existence of a reduction of the salaries of employees. ”
the prime minister “does not retreat from the new appointments to the managers of banks which is illegal.”
the Federal Court had decided at its Tuesday Irrelevance Bgelsta House of Representatives [protesters Representatives] on 14 and 26 April.
the court also considered the parliament session on April 26 , which saw vote on the reshuffle “is unconstitutional because it was held in an atmosphere contrary to the Constitution.”


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