Jubouri announce the unified parliament session on 12 of next July


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[Oan- Baghdad]
announced Parliament Speaker Salim al – Jubouri, the uniform of the parliamentary session in 12 of the month ofJuly after the Federal Supreme Court ‘s decision on the unconstitutionality of two sessions of 14 and 26 April , the deputies of the protesters and the ministerial amendment.
Jubouri said in his speech about the court ‘s decision and to resume the legislative work of the Council , according to a statement his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, “in an atmosphere of goodness, blessing and faith in the days of the month of God credit for the month of Ramadan, check our heroine victories successive and complete a historic victory over terrorism during the liberation of Fallujah science and faith, generosity and heroism. ”
” I extracted these forbearing city calculated from the hands of terrorists Daash criminals after carrying her family hardship, hardship and harm and suffering from this organization offender and made martyrs of their children who executed Daash or who have faced and fought and were killed. ”
He Jubouri “here we can not overlook the role of all those who participated and contributed to the support of fighters heroes of the Iraqi army ‘s sons and federal police and local counterterrorism and military airspace and theeffort and the crowd and folk clan and all the media that supported the operations support and promotion as well as the role of conservative management and its board and clans and all the social and political events the official, Vllba thanks and gratitude, pride and appreciation for their excellence. ”
He noted , ” as We can only squeeze by heading north to edit heroine forces Acharگat and Alگaarh in preparation for operations Mosul upcoming God ‘s help in the near future, all this indicates the possibility that declares Iraq within months by the end of this year , free from the control of Daash on any inch of it with God ‘s help and theefforts of those who care of his sons countries. ”
He Jubouri , ” the Federal Court decision was issued today regarding the procedures taken in the last stage, and we affirm our full respect for the decisions of the Federal Court issued in this regard, we call on everyone to respect a practical and complete, has been our approach since the first moment and we still emphasizes the need to respect the judiciary and its decisions by everyone no matter what the results were and who was affected ,including party and whatever the size of those damages. ”
he noted the head of the parliament , ” It is known that what ever may be confounded and hampered clearly thework of parliament and delayed the task of legislation and motivated several decision does not fall right to proceed with the legal and judicial procedures to hold negligent and at the same position for a long time that consumed these problems calls us to being aware and to further activate the work of the Council on the face , which emphasizes the role of parliament and its importance and necessity to resolve the problems and support theprogress wheel state forward in the face of economic and security challenges. ”
” as we extend our heartfelt thanks to all the political and parliamentary parties that have sought and are still seeking to resolve differences and support the functioning of the legislative process, and we call on all MPs to engage in the effort Parliamentary within the framework of the Constitution and the law and under any opinion or point of view in order to move the political life ahead and miss an opportunity to the enemies of Iraq and critics of its unity and predators Petkatva. ”
he Jubouri that” the Iraqi Council of Representatives to announce the start of the third legislative year in the first of July , it calls for the House of Representatives that begin their legislative and oversight duties, and will be held thefirst plenary session in this chapter on 12.07.2016 and the Council was determined with the help of God to move legislation of laws and important decisions affecting the needs of citizens and touches their aspirations, as well as the determination of parliament , the focus of this legislative year on corrupt and negligent accounting file in theperformance of any and perpetrators of the dereliction and questioning realized Terms questioned executives of different positions and responsibilities in the country. ”
he stressed , ” will see this chapter activation exceptional work of the committees, and will be displayed assess the offerer for performance soon, in order to ensure her best performance and contributes to result in service citizen, as the government and call attention to the affairs of the service, particularly in the electricity file Warmer high temperatures can not be borne by the citizen for long hours with the pieces in the power supply. ”

Iraq waits for Pope’s visit


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Twilight News / Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health and Environment Iraqi peasant Jassim stressed that Baghdad is preparing to visit Pope Francis II to support the inclusion of Iraqi sites within the list of protected world heritage by UNESCO file.

He explained the agricultural Tuesday that Iraq seeks to incorporate the three archaeological sites, a Sumerian cities, “the Warka” and “Ur” and “Eridu” and four natural sites in the marsh (environmentally unique Iraqi marshes) on the World Heritage List of the United Nations Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization “UNESCO” .

He pointed out that the ancient city of Ur, in which lived the prophet Abraham is the kiss of Christian pilgrims from around the world, pointing out that Iraq is preparing for a planned visit by the Pope.

He said that the Iraqi agricultural committee responsible for nominating those sites file will deliver a message from the Iraqi president to the pope requesting support through its impact on the countries of the world to vote in the upcoming UNESCO conference in Istanbul next month.

The Christians of Iraq have long waited for the Vatican Pope’s visit to their country, Iraq has always welcomed the visit of the Pope many years ago is that the security conditions in Iraq have prevented the completion of the visit.

العراق ينتظر زيارة بابا الفاتيكان

Allawi: Court’s decision opens the door to reach a political agreement


28/06/2016 14:19 pm

Counting Iraqi National List leader Iyad Allawi, on Tuesday, the Federal Court decision on the two sessions of the Parliament in April last, a way to open the door to reach a political agreement to achieve reforms.

Allawi said in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, that he “had previously announced our opinion that reference the Supreme Judicial Council and its decisions are what need to be adhered to by all political parties.

He added that “the judiciary yesterday took a historic decision that the Iraqi Media Network to be linked to the Council of Representatives, which is considered a victory for democracy and the Constitution, as well as taken on a historic decision the least, considering that two sessions of the House of Representatives on 14 and April 26 last were unconstitutional.

Allawi stressed that “this decision opens the door wide for the various parties to reach an agreement, leading to the achievement of unity and national reconciliation and to stick to the real implementation of reforms in the political process, structure, and without any equivocation.

The Supreme Judicial Council announced on Tuesday that the Federal Court decided Irrelevance Bgelsta Parliament on 14 and April 26 Almadi.



Deputy for Bader calls for the convening of a comprehensive parliamentary session


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MP Badr parliamentary bloc Razak al – Haidari called on all political blocs to hold a comprehensive parliamentary session , especially after the release of the Federal Court decision invalidating two sessions of 14 and 26 of April.
The al – Haidari said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Tuesday that “we see the need for acomprehensive parliamentary hearing , especially after a ruling of the Federal Court, stressing the importance ofmoving change through diplomatic means and not by the House of Representatives District and Council ofMinisters.”
He Haidari ” the legislative institution and the prime minister belongs to the Iraqi people and in the service and hasno right to any person disable both whatever Alassap.”
the Federal Court has decided in its day Irrelevance Bgelsta House of Representatives [protesters Representatives] on 14 and 26 April.
the court also considered the parliamentary session on 26 April , which saw the vote on the reshuffle “is unconstitutional because it was held in an atmosphere contrary to the Constitution.”
the President of the House of Representatives Saleem al – Jubouri, on Tuesday, expressed his respect for thedecision of the Federal Court and that he “came to confirm what I went to him the presidency of the House ofRepresentatives and most of the political blocs of unconstitutional practices by the number of objectors House ofRepresentatives and that any change in the state institutions must be the starting point of the legal and constitutional materials. ”
The al – Jubouri, said : ” this decision does not fall his legal right to resume the establishment of criminal proceedings against those who caused sabotaging public money and shading justice or holds himself out official status is not the law. ”
For their part , he said the protestors of Representatives that they respect the court ‘s decision, although they were” unconvinced by “stressing” they continue to dismiss al – Jubouri. ”
the House of Representatives has approved in its meeting on 24 April, the five ministers presented by Prime Haider al – Abadi minister in the Council rejected five other candidates were to vote to take over the fulfillment of Jafar Mahdawi as Minister of Labour and social Affairs after accepting the resignation of Mohammad Xiaa Sudanese took over as Hassan al – Janabi , the post of Minister of water resources after accepting the resignation of Mohsen al – Shammari , as well as the vote to take Ala rich office of the Ministry Health after accepting the sacking of Adila Hammoud.
as parliament voted to take Ala’a Disher Zamel as minister of electricity after the dismissal of Qassim Fahdawi agreed to nominate Abdul – Razzaq al – Issa, Minister of Higher Education after accepting the resignation ofHussein al – Shahristani.

Maliki Jones: People crowd participation is essential in the battle to liberate Mosu

President of a coalition called the state law, Nuri al-Maliki on Tuesday to the need to involve the popular crowd in the liberation battles of Mosul, and as the international community called for the support of Iraq and provide the necessary support to him, stressed the importance of the reconstruction of liberated areas, the return of displaced persons.Information Office of the President of the Coalition, said in a statement received (range Press), a copy of which, “The president of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, received today, in his official office, the US ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones.”

The statement added, “The meeting discussed progress of the bilateral relations between Baghdad and Washington, security, and political developments, and efforts in the fight against terrorism and the victories achieved by the security forces and the popular crowd editorial process of Fallujah.”

The statement quoted Maliki as saying that “the armed forces and the popular crowd inflicted a major defeat organized (Daash), which has become powerless and trapped and no longer has the ability to confrontation,” he said, adding that “the attention directed towards Mosul to save and liberate it from those dark bands.”

Maliki and called for “the need to involve the popular crowd in Mosul liberalization process,” and urged “the international community to support Iraq and to provide humanitarian service and financial support for the reconstruction of liberated areas and the return of displaced people to their home areas.”


Barzani congratulates Abadi call on the occasion of the restoration of Fallujah

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} congratulated the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, call on the occasion of the restoration of Falluja.

According to the official website of the Presidency of the Kurdistan region in a statement seen by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today that “Barzani here Tuesday, in a telephone interview, Iraqi Prime Minister, Haider al – Abadi, marking the restoration of Falluja, blessed the Iraqi people , by the way, and was pleased to defeat Daash . ” 

the statement added,” the two sides stressed during the phone call to communicate and continuous coordination between the Kurdistan region and the Iraqi government in the face of Daash and eliminate it. ” 

the announced joint Special operations command last Sunday, freeing the city of Fallujah fully and return to the bosom of the nation had broken the back of terrorism Aldaasha .mbanh “I bled to you today Bushra great victory achieved by editing the entire city of Fallujah from Conception Daash terrorist gangs and raise the Iraqi flag high hovering above the buildings.” is over


House sitters: unconvinced by all the court’s decision and we will continue to dismiss al-Jubouri

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[Oan- Baghdad] 

expressed sitters for “respect” the decision of the Federal Supreme Court , the House of Representatives, regarding the unconstitutionality of the two sessions of Parliament on 14 and 26 April.

The MP Hanan al during a press conference of the deputies of the protesters they held the courtroom after issuing the decision and attended its “What was released today by the decision of the Federal Court was a major victory for the front Reform] to cancel parliament session on April 26 and was the reshuffle otherwise Constitution and the law.” 

She added “some people can not imagine that the decision to cancel our meeting and re – Salim al – platform presidency of the parliament means stop [Front reform] , but will meet to prepare a plan to start its implementation after the resumption of parliamentary sessions, and respect the decision of the judiciary , even if we are not convinced at some of it.” 

for his part, MP Alexander and berries “we will continue to collect signatures in the first session of the parliament to dismiss the presidency of the Council of Representatives.” 

the Federal Court has decided in its day Irrelevance Bgelsta the House [ of Representatives of the protesters] on 14 and 26 April. the 

court also considered the parliament session on April 26 , which saw vote on the reshuffle “is unconstitutional because it was held in an atmosphere contrary to the Constitution.” 

the President of the House of Representatives Saleem al – Jubouri, on Tuesday, expressed his respect for the decision of the Federal Court said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that “this decision was made ​​to confirm what I went to him the presidency of the House of Representatives and most of the political blocs of unconstitutional practices by the number of objectors House of Representatives and that any change in the state institutions must be the starting point of the legal and constitutional materials. ” 

The al – Jubouri, said : ” this decision does not fall his legal right to resume residence criminal proceedings against those who caused sabotaging public money and shading justice or holds himself out of official status is not the law. ”


Jubouri: Parliament will convene its meetings and shall cooperate to resolve the political problems


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, said that the parliament will begin to hold meetings and engage in the legislative and supervisory role.
A statement by the Office of the Speaker of Parliament, and the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it, that al – Jubouri , “received on Tuesday, arepresentative of the Secretary – General of the United Nations in Iraq , Jan Kubiš , ” noting that “Kubiš presented at the outset of the meeting , congratulated the President of the Parliament on the occasion of Liberation city of Fallujah control Daash terrorist successive victories achieved by the Iraqi forces in all configurations. ”
the statement quoted al – Jubouri his assertion that” the liberation of Fallujah is amajor breakthrough towards the liberalization of Mosul and other cities of Iraq and the elimination of al Daash and an end to its existence as a whole. ”
and called for” the importance of joining all efforts in order to return of displaced persons to their areas as soon as possible, and that the United Nations is their great responsibility in this regard is sure it is doing everything it can to make it happen. ”
the statement pointed out that” the meeting dealt discuss the latest developments inthe political arena, as the Speaker of parliament stressed that the political parties cooperate and coordinate larger in order to put real solutions to all the political problems in line with the aspirations of the people. ”
He Jubouri that” parliament will convene its meetings and engage in the legislative and supervisory role, and the completion of the comprehensive reform process. ”
The Federal Court has decided during its held today for the appeal submitted Bgelsta House meetings , in April, Irrelevance in sessions that have been in them dismiss parliament speaker Salim al – Jubouri and exempt ministers and theappointment of replacements for them.
the House of Representatives to raise the 31 of last May, its extraordinary Chapter legislative Almqubl.anthy

Four ministries in the Kurdistan Region staff will receive their salaries tomorrow


By Roudao 17 minutes ago
شعار وزارة المالية
The Ministry of Finance logo

Roudao – Erbil

The Ministry of Finance and Economy in the Kurdistan Regional Government, it will be tomorrow , Wednesday, 06.29.2016 salaries of the month of May for the distributionof staff four ministries.

The ministry said in a statement Roudao Media Network received a copy of it, it will be on Wednesday the distribution of the salaries of the month of May to the staff of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, and the Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism, and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Martyrs and Anfal.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance and Economy in the Kurdistan Regional Government, Rapper friend, confirmed to the network Roudao media, said earlier that staff salaries distribution process will continue on a daily basis, assured that he will be the completion of the salaries of all employees distribution process before the Eid al-Fitr.


Cabinet restricts import, export and buy the currency registered with the trade companies

Long-Presse / BaghdadThe Cabinet decided on Tuesday, limit import and export process as the companies registered with the Ministry of Commerce, and the establishment of companies “solidarity” Alkmarki holds the clearance process, while select the first of next July as the date for implementation.

He said the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s office in an official letter addressed to the ministries and departments not associated and provincial councils entitled (import and export) procedures, I got (the long-Presse), a copy of which, “The approval got a limited import and export of materials and goods, and buy the currency as Operation companies registered with the registration of companies in the Iraqi Ministry of trade Department, of all materials covered (provided import) leave, or not covered. ”

He pointed out the book, to “establish a company (solidarity) exclusively holds the clearance process Alkmarki,” Nasa that “begins the implementation of paragraphs, starting from the first of next July.”  

The promise of a book, the Office of the Prime Minister that, it “came in line with the reforms launched by the Prime Minister package, based on the provisions of the Companies Act No. 21 of 1997 as amended, and in order to control the settling accounts Alkmarki and tax procedures for the purpose of regulating the import and export of materials and goods and adjust the traffic movement amounts in foreign currency, including those funded by the Central Bank of Iraq. ”