Macgork: 60 000 fighters will participate editing Mosul


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Brett Macgork US presidential envoy to the international coalition against al Daash, Tuesday said that theareas dominated by the regulation will lead to the restoration of elimination.
He said during testimony before the Foreign Relations Committee in the Senate to discuss the fight Daash efforts, that the war on the organization is making progress, and it has weakened its ability to move its leaders, as well as cut the main roads supplied , “adding that” Daash leaders hiding or being killed at a rate of one every three days . ” .
the US official said that ” the idea [ of succession] helped Daash to recruit thousands of fighters , ” noting that 40 thousand foreign fighters entered Iraq and Syria during the past four or five years. ”
he spoke Macgork on efforts in Iraq to roll back regulation, said that Iraqi forces the Peshmerga has joint operations and there will be arrangements in Mosul was also in Tikrit.
he acknowledged that the battle of the restoration of Mosul, “constitute a politically significant and military challenge,” pointing to ” the formation of units of 60 thousand fighters to participate in the upcoming battle.”
he said that Daash not been able to return to restore areas that the Iraqi government.

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