Jubouri announce the unified parliament session on 12 of next July


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[Oan- Baghdad]
announced Parliament Speaker Salim al – Jubouri, the uniform of the parliamentary session in 12 of the month ofJuly after the Federal Supreme Court ‘s decision on the unconstitutionality of two sessions of 14 and 26 April , the deputies of the protesters and the ministerial amendment.
Jubouri said in his speech about the court ‘s decision and to resume the legislative work of the Council , according to a statement his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, “in an atmosphere of goodness, blessing and faith in the days of the month of God credit for the month of Ramadan, check our heroine victories successive and complete a historic victory over terrorism during the liberation of Fallujah science and faith, generosity and heroism. ”
” I extracted these forbearing city calculated from the hands of terrorists Daash criminals after carrying her family hardship, hardship and harm and suffering from this organization offender and made martyrs of their children who executed Daash or who have faced and fought and were killed. ”
He Jubouri “here we can not overlook the role of all those who participated and contributed to the support of fighters heroes of the Iraqi army ‘s sons and federal police and local counterterrorism and military airspace and theeffort and the crowd and folk clan and all the media that supported the operations support and promotion as well as the role of conservative management and its board and clans and all the social and political events the official, Vllba thanks and gratitude, pride and appreciation for their excellence. ”
He noted , ” as We can only squeeze by heading north to edit heroine forces Acharگat and Alگaarh in preparation for operations Mosul upcoming God ‘s help in the near future, all this indicates the possibility that declares Iraq within months by the end of this year , free from the control of Daash on any inch of it with God ‘s help and theefforts of those who care of his sons countries. ”
He Jubouri , ” the Federal Court decision was issued today regarding the procedures taken in the last stage, and we affirm our full respect for the decisions of the Federal Court issued in this regard, we call on everyone to respect a practical and complete, has been our approach since the first moment and we still emphasizes the need to respect the judiciary and its decisions by everyone no matter what the results were and who was affected ,including party and whatever the size of those damages. ”
he noted the head of the parliament , ” It is known that what ever may be confounded and hampered clearly thework of parliament and delayed the task of legislation and motivated several decision does not fall right to proceed with the legal and judicial procedures to hold negligent and at the same position for a long time that consumed these problems calls us to being aware and to further activate the work of the Council on the face , which emphasizes the role of parliament and its importance and necessity to resolve the problems and support theprogress wheel state forward in the face of economic and security challenges. ”
” as we extend our heartfelt thanks to all the political and parliamentary parties that have sought and are still seeking to resolve differences and support the functioning of the legislative process, and we call on all MPs to engage in the effort Parliamentary within the framework of the Constitution and the law and under any opinion or point of view in order to move the political life ahead and miss an opportunity to the enemies of Iraq and critics of its unity and predators Petkatva. ”
he Jubouri that” the Iraqi Council of Representatives to announce the start of the third legislative year in the first of July , it calls for the House of Representatives that begin their legislative and oversight duties, and will be held thefirst plenary session in this chapter on 12.07.2016 and the Council was determined with the help of God to move legislation of laws and important decisions affecting the needs of citizens and touches their aspirations, as well as the determination of parliament , the focus of this legislative year on corrupt and negligent accounting file in theperformance of any and perpetrators of the dereliction and questioning realized Terms questioned executives of different positions and responsibilities in the country. ”
he stressed , ” will see this chapter activation exceptional work of the committees, and will be displayed assess the offerer for performance soon, in order to ensure her best performance and contributes to result in service citizen, as the government and call attention to the affairs of the service, particularly in the electricity file Warmer high temperatures can not be borne by the citizen for long hours with the pieces in the power supply. ”

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