Iraq receiveda new batch of (hunter night) and preparedby the “big plus” inthewar against terrorism



Helicopter m28 (hunter night) received Iraq Tuesday June 28 2016


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28/06/2016 20:58
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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Army Aviation Command announced on Tuesday received a new batch of helicopters mi28 (hunter night Russian) dual leadership, usually it is a “great addition” to the Iraqi Air Force in supporting ground forces and destroy terrorist sites and wheeled armored bombs.

The command said, in a statement received (range Press) copy of it, “Iraq received a new batch of helicopters mi28 hunter night of dual leadership, under the contract with the Russian Federation”, noting that this “advanced aircraft has the capacity of high maneuver and precision hit targets elected, because of its weapons, rockets and cannon in front of me prompt, make Dhahi counterpart Apache helicopter specifications. “

I promised the leadership of the army aviation, that this “aircraft pose a great addition to the Iraqi Air Force in supporting ground forces in various operations breakers, through destruction of terrorist websites, wheels armored bomb” without a statement the number of aircraft received.

Russia was announced (the 19 of April 2016), willingness Send 20 helicopter (helicopter) of the new model (May – 28) (known as hunter night) to Iraq.

Indeed, Iraq and Russia signed a military contract package, exceed four billion dollars worth, during the visit of former Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki to Moscow in 2012.

According to the program of supplying Iraq with combat helicopters Russian, has been received four attack helicopters Mi -35 M ideals and other Mi -28 that, readiness combat full with night vision equipment, and hoped to get Baghdad until the end of the current 2016, the 43 helicopter assault, including 24 Mi -35 M and 19 Mi -28 that.

Hunter night, Russian helicopter can fly in all weather conditions and at night as well, and is designed to destroy armor and provide support for pedestrians around better than the previous one mile Mi -24. And it is led by a crew of two pilots, due to their ability to call on the night fighting.

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