Cabinet approves re-contractors salaries of the Awakening expanded distribution {} today’s meeting resolutions


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} The Cabinet approved on Tuesday during its regular re-contractors Awakening distribution of salaries.
A statement by the Council of Ministers received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it to the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi new presided over the Cabinet meeting on Tuesday congratulated liberation of Fallujah , according toplan, stressing that Daash collapsed quickly and kill its members large numbers, were also arrested on the required elements the law of murder.
he said the Prime Minister to seek re – opening of the Fallujah hospital and lounge operations to offer their services and work to restore the displaced program and raise the explosives set by Daash gangs in residential neighborhoods.
he said the military of our units in Mosul progressing significantly and achieved successes fast, and at the same time we create plans and preparations for sheltering displaced people and look forward to helping the United Nations and to cooperate with it in the humanitarian field.
He called on the Prime Minister of the security services and citizens to beware of attempts Daash to compensate for the defeats and carry out terrorist acts, also called on the political forces , called for unity and miss an opportunity to theenemy even Aahakq objectives , taking advantage of political differences . the
Council of Ministers decided to provide ration quota for {15000} displaced families in Anbar province in the areas of Amiriyah Fallujah and Khaldiyah and Habaniyah and Bzypez and ration for two thousand families in drunk by theliberalization of Nineveh operations are distributed to displaced families exception of the controls and procedures and the Ministry of Commerce of theration card distribution.
to secure card items ration, the cabinet approved a memorandum ofunderstanding between the Ministry of Commerce and the US Embassy in Baghdad in connection with the purchase and processing of material rice.
the Council also agreed to finance an amount of five billion dinars from theallocation of the Ministry of water resources to address water scarcity.
the cabinet decided the disarmament and integration of the circle militias and theministries and departments not associated with the Ministry review the file members of the Awakening, and the approval of the re – distribution of salaries ofcontractors from the sons of Iraq Awakening {} them in view to reduce the House of Representatives to Moisnthm.anthy

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