Urgent .. Baghdad equip 15,000 fighters to liberate Mosul and put two conditions in front of a crowd Najafi


Monday 27-06-2016 | 4:59:49

Twilight News president of the crowd / The National Security Adviser Faleh al-Fayad, the participation of 15,000 tribal fighters from the crowd of Nineveh in the battle to liberate Mosul.
Fayad was speaking at a conference in Baghdad on Monday to discuss the mechanism for the formation of a tribal crowd of Nineveh.
It was attended by Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi and Interior Minister Mohammed Nofal Ghaban and Sultan governor of Nineveh province and Major General Najim al-Jubouri, commander of Nineveh editing operations and a number of political, security and social figures.
This will be the second camp’s liberation operations of Mosul, as overseen Liberation of Iraq on what is known as the national crowd and an estimated 1,500 fighters, and being trained in the camp area Zhelkan Ba’shiqah, at the hands of trained Iraqis and Turks.
In this regard, Brigadier General Louis Joseph headquarters commander of the dominant told the crowd clan in Nineveh for Twilight News, he was the best national crowd, who is in camp Zhelkan before joining the ranks of the crowd clan in Nineveh and linked in Baghdad or directed by Turkish troops from the camp and survival alone inside the camp.

He said otherwise the crowd is a national armed force outside the framework of the Iraqi state.

Previously, Baghdad has accused Ankara of violating Iraqi sovereignty, following the switching process for troops that are there over a year ago, which Turkey denies, saying that these forces exist with the knowledge and approval of the request of the Iraqi government in Baghdad and the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

And earlier this year, Liberation of Iraq declared that “Turkish support for the Liberation of Mosul necessity”, rejecting accusations of Baghdad to Ankara of violating Iraq’s sovereignty through the presence of Turkish trainers.


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