Report quorum challengedthe dismissalof the Presidiumof tThe parliament session for the second time


House of Representatives hearing, which was held on Tuesday (April 26, 2016), headed by Salim al-Jubouri


27/06/2016 23:02
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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Support group for parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, yesterday, called on the reform front to return to the House of Representatives and play the role of opposition, and stop disabling legislative work.

This came after the circulation of the media report of the second committee of experts before the courts. The report confirmed a quorum meeting the selection of ministers technocrats unlike the session that saw the dismissal of the Presidium of the parliament is complete.

On the other hand admitted the reform team that last report was more equitable than its predecessor and that he moved away from the “politicization”, but refused to admit defeat. The opposing team is likely that the Federal Court, in a hearing scheduled for Tuesday, the abolition of sessions (14 and April 26), noting that the report included some points that may Tkdh credibility of the meeting, which was moderated by Saleem al-Jubouri.

The committee for the Second Expert Report, the quorum meeting April 26, headed by al-Jubouri, was completed in the presence of 176 deputies, but the April 14 meeting were not quorum, as the audience did not exceed the 122 deputies.

This report is the second published by the (range) after it was leaked from the committee of experts commissioned to examine the validity of appeals held Bgelstin blocs in parliament last April.

And it is the first report of 9 pages, signed by the Dean of the Faculty of Information at the University of Baghdad D.hashim Hassan al-Tamimi, and his assistant d. Ammar al-Tahir, the Director of Media Baghdad University d. Just Ghurairy, who are experts seconded to the Federal Court to consider recordings parliamentary sessions.

But the second report to be of 7 pages, and carry the signatures of each of Bashar al-Kamal Ismail Hakki, the Order of Abdul Ghani, as candidates for the plaintiff, alongside D.fadil Dr. Mohamed Hussein. Abdul Qader Saleh known, as candidates for the defendant. The report also download Adel Mohammed al-Lami, who signed as an expert assigned by the court’s fifth, to study the case mentioned and answer questions about the Federal Court file.

And it is expected to be resolved in federal court of appeals today’s session after he adjourned on 16 June of this, the third consecutive time.

The report says the Committee of Five, which was confirmed (range) of his health, he was “at the beginning of 14/4 session talked of quitting attorney did not call for a vote to choose the MP Adnan al-Janabi, to the Chair, but pointed out that it was agreed on the choice of al-Janabi, to manage the meeting, and immediately after the call to Janabi to ascend the platform presidency initiated a section of the House of Representatives to the applause as stated in the video. “

The report also pointed out that “the decision of the parliament Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu called for the House of Representatives to vote on the al-Janabi to run this session after al-Jubouri ascend the podium.”

On the comment agents prosecutors that was held in 14/4 session were not exceptional, but a regular session, the experts noted that “MP Adnan al-Janabi said when he took the session management according to Article video 8:30 minute of the Media video he (This session is a continuation of the emergency session, and we need in order for us to vote to open the second session of the vote on the above its 173 member …), and in the 33:17 minute Janabi opened the second session saying, on behalf of the people we open the session No. 26 on 14/4 ..).

And on the answering agents plaintiffs’ questions about the 14/4 / Session, confirmed the report of the Committee that “the number of deputies present are 122 deputies and total staff inside the hall is 45 employees,” pointing out that “five MPs from among 122 were moving between the rest of the House seats or podium or they walk in and out of the hall. “ The Commission pointed out that “the error rate up to 2 to 3%.”

Commenting on the content of the report says MP Abdulrahman Alloizi, a member of the front of reform, in an interview with the (range), “The court’s decision will not only depend on the health of quorum April 14 hearing, but the recent experts’ report pointed out that there exists conduct may call into question the credibility Jubouri session.”

And on the session 26 April, the Committee of Experts report that “after seeing the video recording became clear some of the actions and behavior is natural, including the entry of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Bmeith number of escorts and protections in civilian attire and a number more than usual, and the entry of a group of deputies after the entry of the prime minister says Haider al-Abadi directly firing loud cheers accompanied by beatings on the tables of some of them and continued (the act) to the end of the session. “

The experts noted in their report, “a much larger number than usual of soldiers in uniform and unarmed in the 26/4 session as well as a few military personnel have definitely black Committee it has not been confirmed from being personal weapons or communications equipment or sonar devices.”

The report pointed out that “the soldiers, who were assigned to protect the constitutional door of the hall began to step down from the door after some lawmakers began to photograph them and left the soldiers of Representatives alone with the door after they realized from the tightly closed from the inside.”

He continues, MP Abdulrahman Alloizi saying that “the report stressed that the other chamber to which he moved the House of Representatives were not prepared to vote or photography.”

The attention of the Committee of Experts report that “the first 46 minutes of the Constitutional Hall was recorded session without sound and saw four collective cases to raise hands, and that the door of the constitutional chamber closed by a rectangular plate placed between my fists door Alhahalmkonh of Ferdtin Trkiin addition to put two fists to the side panels and then brought a wire has been linked fists door, and that this work was completed in the hands of civilians and military people. “

As for the 26/4 session, was the attendance of 167 deputies taking into account the error rate of 2 to 3%. She stressed the Committee of Experts on the attendance at the Constitutional Hall was not less than 176.

However, the Commission acknowledged its inability to ascertain the number of voters on the dismissal and resignation of ministers or vote on the new cabinet. This is a reliable Alloizi where he says that “the final report was not offensive and the positive aspects, but in the end the court may decide to cancel the meetings.”

And on the objections that have been raised about repeating the names of some MPs to vote on the screens, the Committee of Experts in its report said it did not provide pictures or records in the file of the case, noting that it asked the supervisors about the subject, but they have denied the possibility of repetition of names.

It was not possible for the Committee of Experts to make sure a quorum is calculated not calculate the number of voting. But MP Imad Youkhana Depending on the camera says that “voting began first on the Minister of Education and the number of attendees was 181, and the number of voters 61, then re-vote again, and the voice of 73 deputies, and then voted on the dismissal of Justice Minister Haider al-Zamili and naming Mohammed Nasrallah instead of him and he got 72 votes. “

He said Youkhana, “and then vote on the dismissal of the Minister of Electricity and choose Alaa Disher substitute for it, (the number of voters did not mention), also voted 101 to the resignation of Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Hussain al-Shahristani and choose Essa Abdul Razak instead of him.”

In turn, MP Ali gesture legitimacy Front, said “the recent report it has been decided in favor of the current presidency of the parliament body.”

He called the head of the Badr “Representatives of the protesters not to disrupt the legislative work, and switch to the opposition bloc,” adding that “the second report of the Committee of Experts will support the first report confirms the court the truth about what happened in those sessions.”

But Attorney Alloizi says, “Whatever the decision of the Federal Court, we we will put the dismissal of the speaker of parliament again.”

The law allows, according to a member of the reform front, the assignment of a new seven-Committee, after a triple and five-year-catching appeal hearings again. But Alloizi says “have agitated it. We stood fast enough to finish in our exhibitions, we were able to obtain the support of the new destinations, such as the support given by the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.”

Sadr recently hinted at the possibility of putting the resignation of the three presidencies, which is demanded by the “reform team”.

Mn..oail blessing

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