Luqman Feeli: America, Iraq will be handed over four F16 aircraft in next July


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[Oan- Baghdad]
said the Iraqi ambassador in Washington , Lukman Faili, said the United States will receive a new Iraq and a meal of F16 aircraft within the contract between the two countries.
He Feeli during the breakfast hosted by the embassy banquet Iraqi community there, that “Washington will hand over Iraq ‘s new diet of these aircraft in the next July under the agreement between the two countries , the contract and the judge bought Iraq’s 36 F16 aircraft.”
He added , “We are talking about agreeing upon an appointment within two weeks for delivery and access to Iraq ,”noting that” the new meal consists of four aircraft and there are Iraqi pilots have graduated from the training. ”
He revealed,” The US trainers will train Iraqi pilots inside Iraq after the completion of the required supplies for it ,”noting that” the next stage will be the training of pilots within Iraq may be in 2018 “.
Iraq had received in 13 of July 2015 four planes from the F16 model of the US company Lockheed Martin as the first meal of the 36 aircraft contracted with the manufacturer, and comes as part of the strategic framework signed between Baghdad and Washington Agreement in 2008
and it entered the Iraqi aircraft service and participated in the war on terror Daash gangs.

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