Abadi Office announces the start of the distribution of benefits peasants


By Roudao 31 minutes ago
اجتماع حيدر العبادي وخلية الازمة
Haider al-Abadi meeting and cell crisis

Roudao – Erbil

It held a crisis cell, a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Haider alAbadi, on Monday, and decided to start paying domestic debt and develop a plan in this regard, and thereimbursement of the peasants.

Information Office of the Prime Minister said in a statement, seen by Roudao media network, “Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi chaired today a meeting of the crisis cell,” noting that “the cell briefed on payments to contractors procedures and peasants and adopted a series of measures to ensure speed up payment.”

He said the office, that “cell decided to start paying domestic debt and develop a plan in this regard and work on the Paris Club to postpone the premiums until the completion of Iraq’s obligations under the standby credit arrangement.”

The statement pointed out that “the cell continued lending to industrial, agricultural and residential projects, procedures and briefed on the progress of work after the start of the actual lending operations and the importance of the profile of this project for citizens who wish to borrow and its positive effect on the economic situation”, pointing out that it “decided to accelerate regardless of social protection network allocations by the Ministry Finance. “

He said the office, he “was emphasized to speed up the funding allocations needed to sustain electric power projects after the improvement of processing for citizens and continued to work for the continuation of the citizens better equipped.”

For his part, Undersecretary of the Iraqi Ministry of Finance, Fadhil Nabi, network Roudao media, “The meeting discussed the payment of the peasants, and took the decision to pay dues to farmers who agree to receive 500 thousand per tonne of wheat, instead of 700 thousand, and in this case it is the payment of all dues peasants, and if the farmer refused to receive this amount in exchange for dues of wheat, they must wait until the availability of funds and pay their dues in full. “

Turning Fadhil Nabi, talking about the benefits contractors, he said, “is scheduled to be payments to contractors by 40%, and the decision will be implemented starting from tomorrow, Tuesday.”


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