Cameron: Britain needs a new president, a safer within the EU


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{International: Euphrates News} said British Prime Minister David Cameron, that his country is in need of a new president, and on the back of his announcement of his resignation today after Britain out of the EU.
Cameron said at a news conference, said that “Britain needs new leadership, andwill not be fit to be captain of the country during the next phase, pointing out that his country needs to head of a new government by October next year.
He said Cameron” The British say their word and we must be proud of parliamentary our democracy, pointing out that, the will of the British must be respected no doubt in the reported results. ”
He said, we have a willingness to negotiate in Britain out of the European Union ,although I still think that Britain will be safer inside the Union.
He assured Cameron Europeans in Britain and the British in Europe that the free movement of persons and goods will continue, pointing out, “I’ll do what I can to help make Britain out of the EU process of service to this great country.”
the British were voted in favor out of their country from the bloc, according to theresults showed the referendum, reaching supporters ratio exit about 52 percent today Aljmah.anthy

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