The United States intends to strengthen its military capabilities in Iraq


Khandan – publicly, a military official in the international coalition against al “Daash” terrorist Thursday, the commander of coalition forces in Iraq, US General Sean McFarland studying the possibility of a surge in US military capabilities in Iraq.

Quoted “AFP” Gen. Doug Chalmers British Assistant US general, saying, “We are looking permanently What if we have a good level” in terms of military equipment to confront the organization “Daash” terrorist.

He added that there is “an ongoing dialogue now” between the general and the military leadership “around the places where they can enhance their capabilities are.”

The words of Gen. Chalmers response to an article in the opinion page in The Washington Post confirms that American generals in Iraq are preparing to ask for “the deployment of hundreds” of extra troops.

It is known that any surge in US forces in Iraq remains a sore point because of the position of President Barack Obama, a conservative who was elected in 2008 on the basis of his promise to withdraw US troops from Iraq.

Gen. Chalmers He added that the military commanders in the alliance want to promote the “momentum” of the current Iraqi forces make gains at the expense of the organization “Daash” The terrorist is about to complete the restoration of the city of Fallujah.

And the abilities that can be enhanced by Gen. Chalmers there, “the area of logistics and equipment, air support, intelligence and aerial reconnaissance.”

But Gen. avoid giving details on the number of additional troops who may be deployed as part of the increase of military capabilities. Saying only, “I can assure you that we are not talking about thousands of extra troops.”

And come back another surge in US forces in Iraq until last April when the Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter announced in Baghdad that the number of US troops in Iraq has increased 217 soldiers to up to 4087 soldiers.

US forces in Iraq and believes in training Iraqi forces did not participate in the fighting directly.

But a US Apache helicopters participated for the first time to hit the sites to organize “Daash” terrorist in Iraq, in the twelfth of June.

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